First Chores for Kids: How to Teach Your Toddler to Be Neat and Diligent

    Chores for Kids

    Very simple chores for kids are the best way to early accustom your little one to cleanliness. But start giving him the first tasks once he learns to understand what you want him to do. When performing simple household tasks, the toddler gains skills of self-discipline as well as contributes to family affairs. You shouldn’t expect that the child will immediately do the task you give him. In the beginning, do everything together with the child while patiently explaining how and why to do that. Let the little one perform only the simple activities already familiar to him.

    First chores

    The first household tasks for the youngest members of the family (2-3 year olds) should be very simple; the ones that don’t cause difficulties and require little time, since kids do not like monotony very much. You can let your little helper perform the following household tasks:

    – to wipe a puddle on the floor with a rag or a towel;
    – to put the toys into the basket or in their places;
    – to wipe off the dust;
    – to put dirty things into the laundry basket;
    – to water the flowers;
    – to put the products out of the bag onto the table;
    – to remove his dishes into the sink;
    – to give you the washed laundry.

    Household duties

    You can give your child more household tasks: once the child can successfully work with a rag, let him clean more territory in your house. If the kid likes to help you with cleaning, give him new tasks as he grows. For example:

    – to try to sweep with a broom;
    – to wipe crumbs off the table.

    If the little one refuses to help you with the household, don’t force or scold him for defiance. The child needs to understand that you entrust him with an important activity, and praise him when he copes with one. Let your toddler feel his own importance as your assistant with the household.

    How do you involve your toddler into household chores? Does he like to help you?


    1. Amazing article. Parenting can be fun with our kids helping with the chores. Never thought this would be possible easily. Also found an app -S’moresUp, it helps both the parents and kids to help finish up with the chores in an easy and fun way.

      • Right, Kate, if to turn this into a game, bot parents and kids will have much fun. Thanks for the app, it is helpful.


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