Finger Song – Fingers Teach to Speak

    Finger Song

    This finger song will give lots of positive emotions to both you and your baby.

    1. First of all, repeat or teach the baby to count to 10. You can count whatever you like: trees in the park, apples in a low tree (for the baby to touch them), cars in the street, and whatever you want while taking a walk; or you can draw numbers from 1 to 10 on each A4 sheet of paper, put them on the floor in a row and jump on them while saying the numbers, etc.

    2. Seat the baby on your laps, take his hands and start counting the baby’s fingers and then yours while saying something like this: “How many fingers do you have? 10! You have 10 fingers! Now, how many fingers do I have? 10 too! I have 10 fingers too! These are my fingers and these are yours. My fingers are big and your fingers are little.

    3. Now say your and baby’s names, say what toys’ names are, and name all the fingers one by one.

    4. Show the baby how to move the fingers: wiggle, bend and unbend them, etc. Be sure that the baby repeats your movements, help him if necessary. While moving fingers say: “Look! I can make my fingers wiggle! I can make my fingers bend!

    5. Perform movements from the rhyme: jump (on the flashcards with numbers); point at a window, a toy, the sky, etc; wiggle your fingers or a toy’s tail; giggle and laugh at the funny animals; pretend that you fall asleep, that you close your eyes tight and say good night; show the baby how to be noisy and quiet: cry, bang on a drum or a pan and then put your pointing finger to you lips and be quiet.

    Of course you are free to create your own different ways to act out the movements and perform them whatever you do and whatever you go together with the baby. Comment all your actions and movements.

    Now you can chant the rhyme or compose a melody and sing the song.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    I have ten fingers,
    They all are mine.
    I can make them move
    And here is the rhyme.
    Toby Thumb is jumping
    Like a kangaroo.
    Perry Pointer is pointing
    Right at me and you.
    Tory Tall is wiggling,
    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
    Ruby Ring is giggling,
    Giggle, giggle, giggle.
    Baby Small is sleeping,
    His eyes are closed tight.
    Shhhh, let’s be quiet,
    And say to him good night.

    You should know

    – Manipulations with fingers promote fine motor skills development that in its turn contributes to the development of speech.

    – Such a story about fingers helps the baby develop imagination.

    – This activity is a kind of a role play at such a young age.

    – The rhythm and rhyme help the baby understand the music of his mother tongue and prepare for the future reading.

    – Your baby gains the first maths skills.


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