Feminine Hygiene for Babies: Proper Care of Girls’ Intimate Health

    Feminine Hygiene

    Feminine hygiene for your baby implies a certain daily ritual of washing, which helps you to maintain the natural purity and health perhaps of the most vulnerable area of the baby’s body. Moreover, while caring properly for the daughter’s genitals, you are doing the most effective prevention of many “sensitive” diseases that could potentially threaten the young lady in the future.

    Baby girl hygiene: specifics

    Baby girls have a very tender and sensitive skin. The epidermis is vulnerable and any infection may cause inflammation. The same can be said about genitalia, and in this case, it’s not just the skin cover that’s vulnerable — they are just as sensitive on the inside.

    You should wash your baby with running water (not in the tub) or wet wipes every time you change her diapers.

    During the first year of life don’t use any cosmetic cleansers or any other cleansing means like manganese solution. These will make your girl’s skin dry and remove that little protection it has. After your baby girl turns a year old, you can use a feminine hygiene liquid soap only once a day and when your daughter gets really dirty. Remember that the soapy liquid should not reach the vulvar cleft.

    Gently wipe your girl’s skin dry after washing her and apply some child cream to your girl’s skin.

    Basic rules of intimate hygiene for girls

    — You must always remember to be very careful performing all the hygiene procedures with your baby girl: her skin is just too delicate and sensitive.

    — Your child must have her own means of hygiene: soap, a towel and a sponge.

    — Before washing your child, wash your hands properly using soap.

    — When washing your girl, remember that your movements must be directed from belly to butt and not vice versa (you may infect your child’s genitalia if you do it wrong).

    — Use PH-neutral soap designed specifically for babies. Wash your child carefully and wipe her dry with a soft towel.

    — Wash your baby every time she poops and before bedtime. Don’t go overboard with it.

    — Never let the cleansers get into your girl’s vagina – they will harm its natural flora.

    — When using the shower, remember that the water jets shouldn’t be too powerful.

    — Make sure your girl wears clothing made of natural soft fabric only. Synthetic fabric will block the air flow to your girl’s skin, which may cause various kinds of inflammation. Besides, synthetic fabric doesn’t absorb any discharge your girl may have. The moist accumulated between the fabric and your child’s skin will cause chafing issues. The underwear should be absolutely white, without any amount of dye. Dyes can be completely harmless but when mixed with human sweat they can suddenly turn into serious allergens.

    — Your daughter should wear loose fit clothes: it must not be too tight, especially on her inner thighs, or limit her movements.

    — Change your daughter’s her underwear twice a day. Wash her towels twice a week.

    — Wash all your girl’s things and clothes separately. Iron the towels and underwear properly after the washing.

    — Girls sometimes have buildups of whitish substance in their genitalia skin folds. It’s called smegma, it has a protective function and it’s absolutely normal.

    — Change the diapers as soon as they get wet (every 2-3 hours) and after your child poops. After taking the diaper off, rinse your daughter’s genitalia with some warm water. In case she has just pooped, wash her properly using a cleanser for kids and wipe her crotch with child hypoallergenic napkins after that. Don’t use talc powder in the crotch area: it will irritate the tender skin.

    — Try not to put your baby girl in your bed if she doesn’t have any diapers, swaddles or crawlers on. Never ever use the common towels or vessels for your girl’s cleaning procedures.

    — Use washing powders for kids to wash your girl’s things and clothes.

    May your daughter grow healthy and happy!

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