Fee Fi Fo Fum

    Fee Fi Fo Fum

    “Fee Fi Fo Fum” is one of the finger plays. All you need are your baby’s hands in fists.

    Fee fi fo fum
    Look at you finger, look at your thumb

    (unbend the baby’s one finger and the thumb)
    Fee fi fo fum
    Good-bye finger, good bye thumb.

    (curl up the finger and the thumb back into the fist)

    Play this game with another hand.

    There can be different variants of this game with each hand in turn or with both hands, e.g.:

    Fee fi fo fum
    Where are your fingers, where are your thumbs

    (pretend you are looking for them)
    Fee fi fo fum
    Here are your finger, here are you thumbs

    (unbend the baby’s fingers and the thumbs)
    Good-bye finger, good bye thumb.
    (curl up the finger and the thumb back into the fist)

    You can create your own variants of this game just unleash your imagination!

    Do not expect younger babies to be able to do this action.

    When doing the action emphasize the sound difference between f in finger and th in thumb.

    When the baby knows the letter F, you can replace it with other consonants N, K, B, T, R,etc. or any consonant groups you want like: Nlee nli nlo nlum; Tree tri trot rum; Bee bi bo bum; Ree ri ro rum etc.

    You should know

    – Playing the game a baby learns repetitive letters.

    – The game encourages early language development.

    – If playing with both hands, the game enhances a baby’s awareness of singular and plural.

    – The activity develops fine motor coordination.

    – A baby learns parts of her hand – a finger and a thumb.

    – Rhyme and rhythm are necessary for a baby to learn her mother tongue. And children, who have learnt many rhymes, better read and write at school later on.

    – Finger play is essential for the brain development for language and mathematics.


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