Father-Daughter Relationship: Dad’s Guide

    Father-Daughter Relationship

    According to psychological studies, most men dream of having sons, but everyday life brings more and more proofs of the fact that fathers always treat daughters with special tenderness and care. The father-daughter relationship may seem like something complicated and very intricate to most men. Some may get scared of their own incompetence in the subject and step back letting moms do the job — and make a big mistake. So what is your part in raising your daughter as a father?

    Being a good father you make sure your daughter grows into a happy woman

    A long time ago Sigmund Freud said that an adult woman unconsciously looks for a partner similar to her father. This happens because the human unconscious longs for stability, for something a person is used to, and a woman already has a “template” of her ideal relationship with a man.

    Parenting advice: if you want your daughter to choose a decent partner when she grows up and to create a happy and healthy family, be a model of a decent man. Not only in your relationship with your daughter but also with her mom. The way you treat your wife is most likely the way your daughter will be treated by her partner when she grows up.

    Your daughter’s self-esteem directly depends on you

    Her father’s opinion is more important for a girl than her mother’s one. Mother’s love is a matter of course. Mother loves unconditionally, sometimes blindly, her child is perfect in her eyes: this is how maternal instinct works. Father’s love is somewhat different: men make a sober estimation of the things their daughters say or do and tend to see their faults. This is why girls take their fathers’ opinion as more grounded. So when her dad says that she is smart, pretty and good, a girl knows it’s true. And when a girl goes through a complicated stage in her life during which she develops as a person and as a woman, her father’s estimation of her comes to the forefront. And this estimation is what her self-esteem is based on.

    Parenting advice: as you may well know, people can only be successful when they are confident and know their own value. You are the first of the few people who can build the basis for this confidence. Praise your daughter, be happy about her victories – big or small ones, be proud of her. If you do everything right, your little princess will grow into a person who can reach her goals and fulfill herself. Just don’t go overboard with praising; overconfidence will do more harm than good. Don’t hesitate to criticize when necessary, but remember that your criticism must be substantial!

    8 tips for good Dads

    1. Listen to your daughter. It’s really important to know what is on your daughter’s mind, how she thinks, what is significant to her. It’s necessary when helping your daughter to learn what self-control is and preparing her for independent adult life.

    2. Encourage her talents, intelligence, purposefulness. Help her develop her strengths, let her help others and be a strong, smart and brave person.

    3. Teach your daughter to be a unique individual. She must learn to love herself as she is, to really believe in herself, and to understand that she can do something truly important. She needs to know what her main life values are and to learn to appreciate people based on their inner qualities, not on their appearance.

    4. Take an active part in your daughter’s school life and always keep up with all news and details.

    5. Pay attention to your daughter’s hobbies and interests. Go with her and her friends to picnic parties, play team sports games with her or just go shopping together.

    6. Create a safe environment for your girl, let her feel protected. At the same time, build a trustful relationship to make sure your daughter will turn to you when she is in a difficult situation.

    7. Get your daughter interested in work. Teach her how to manage important matters, handle money wisely, get her acquainted with various occupations she might be interested in.

    8. Learn from other fathers. Share your experience, your knowledge and skills.

    As far as you can see, a father’s role in raising a daughter is as important as mother’s one. In some ways, it’s even more important, especially during puberty. A lot depends on your participation in different areas of your daughter’s life: what kind of person she will be when she grows up, how she will build her relationship with her partner, her personal growth and even her career. Remember that your role as a father is not limited to earning money.

    What are your ideas on father-daughter relationships? What kind of advice can you give based on your personal experience? Leave your comments below!


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