Family Photos

    Family Photos

    All you need are your family photos.

    How to do the activity

    Seat your baby next to you, take the family album in your hands.  Show your baby the family members, and look at his reaction: whether he will recognize his mother, father, grandmom and granddad. Babies cope with this task rather quickly, and some of them accurately recognize their nearest and dearest. Turning the pages of the family album, ask your baby: Show me please where your daddy (mommy etc.) is. Praise him for the correct answers. Babies love to view photos. They utter happy sounds, perk up when they see familiar faces, as well as recognize themselves in the photos. While your baby is viewing the photos, ask him: Where is Daddy’s nose, mouth? etc. Praise him for the correct answers.

    While viewing the photos, you can say rhymes about family members, like this one:

    I love my Granny
    Very, very much!
    I’ll kiss my Granny
    Very, very tight!

    You should know

    – Rhymes about family members encourage the development of emotional contact and mutual understanding.

    – Talking to your baby will help his communication skills and speech perception to develop.

    – This activity will help the baby recognize members of his family faster.


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