Faces: Fun Activity to Develop Vision of Your 1 Month Old Baby

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    Games and activities contribute greatly to little ones’ natural development. “Faces” is a merry activity you can perform with your 1 month old baby to develop her vision and for both of you to have a great fun time.

    What you need

    To play the game you need several toys with pictured faces – happy, cheerful, surprised ones (use some rattles, dolls, cotton suns, rabbits and so on). The toys should be bright, thus you’ll be able to attract your little one’s attention. Red and orange colors attract a baby’s attention greatly, but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore other colors. You can also use some 10-15-cm-diameter cardboard circles or disposable plates on the sticks with the faces drawn on them (draw the faces with a thick felt pen so that all the details are visible very well).

    Draw two eyes, the nose and the mouth on the circles or plates (altogether they form a letter T).

    How to perform the activity

    Your baby in a supine position, show her a toy at a distance of 50 cm. Shake the toy, let the baby hear the sound it utters to attract her attention.

    When the child focuses on the toy, start to move it to the left, back to the center, then to the right and again back to the center.

    Now move the toy vertically – slowly bring the face upward, stop, move it downward and bring it back again.

    Helpful tips

    – If you’ve never performed such an activity with your 1-month-old before, she can fail to track the toy with the eyes at all or will track it only in one direction. Don’t get upset, just keep practicing. Start to move a toy horizontally and when the child masters this direction, add vertical movements.

    – Change the toys when performing the activity. The child will get bored when seeing the same one.

    – Make the faces of pieces of cloth.

    – Start playing with the child 2 times a day 1 minute long, and gradually prolong the time up to 2-4 minutes.

    You should know

    – The activity develops your baby’s ability to focus and slowly track different objects with the eyes.

    – It’s lots of fun for both of you.


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