Enthralling Fall Activities for Toddlers

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    Autumn is a time of autumn blues, mud and rains. The child is asking you to go outside to get another portion of snot. But from another point of view, both a mom and the child need fresh air, and a bad weather is not the reason to deprive you of this. Just put on a warm clothing and the following fall activities for toddlers won’t let you get bored outside – you’ll spend an unforgettable time by performing these interesting activities.

    1. Magic clouds. Remember how as a child you used to look at the clouds and try to see a variety of animal shapes? It’s time to teach your little one how to fantasize! Sit on a bench, look up …

    Ask the kid what he sees.
    Let him point to the big clouds and the small ones.
    In which direction are the clouds moving?
    What do they look like?

    During the game, you can tell the child where the clouds and rain come from.

    2. A paper boat. That’s another interesting activity from our childhood. Take a sheet of paper or cardboard and make a boat. Let the child decorate it with bright colors and give it a name. Then go outdoors, find a suitable puddle, and maybe there is a little pond near your house? The child will enjoy watching the floating boat!

    3. Where is a leaf’s mother? That’s a fascinating activity with leaves. Collect a variety of fallen leaves with the child; be sure to say their names: “This leaf’s mother is a birch, let’s help him find his mother!” And look for the tree together. Then, once you find it, play with the other leaves. You can collect a whole herbarium in an hour! Save the leaves in a notebook and show them to your child in wintertime.

    4. A happy fall. The activity will help the child remember this season, to improve both reaction and attention; as well as he will learn some natural phenomena.

    You just say:

    “The Sun” – the child should run, jump, wave his hands and laugh.
    “Ice” – the child freezes.
    “Thunder” – the child should sit down and cover the head with his hands.
    “Rain” – the child runs to you and hides himself under an umbrella.

    5. A bird feeder. Take a walk with the child in a park or a forest. Watch the birds. Show the child different birds and say their names. Tell him how hard it is for them to live in a cold season, what difficulties the have finding some food. Take along a handful of millet or sunflower seeds. Feed the birds and ask the child to make a feeder for them, so that they can always be full. To do this, take an ordinary box of juice, cut out a window and put some grain there. Then fix it on a tree. This activity instills love and care for animals in the child.

    6. Fall treasure. Choose a place with lots of leaves, take along a few small toys; you can even buy lollypops and Kinder Surprise Eggs. Then, while the child does not see your actions, hide the surprises in the foliage. And tell your child: “The autumn fairy flew here and hid a treasure for you in the leaves! Let’s find it together!” It will be very fun and interesting!

    7. Find and sort. First, you need to find 3 fall items like cones, acorns and chestnuts. Put them in a pile and have the child lay them separately with his eyes closed. The child will be very interested! The activity develops both motor skills and imagination. Once finished, have the child count the items.

    8. Finger plays. Say simple sentences, and the kid should depict them with his fingers:

    It’s raining “Pitter – Patter” – the child is tapping his fingers.
    Suddenly a strong wind blew – the child is blowing on his fingers.
    The leaves are rustling on the trees – the child is moving his fingers.
    The leaves fall to the ground – the child is moving his fingers and slowly takes the hands down.
    Suddenly hail is falling on the leaves – the child is tapping his fists.
    Suddenly a cold season began and snow covered all the leaves – the child is moving the hands to and fro.

    9. Create and decorate. In the autumn, the child will certainly want to create something. You can make lots of handicrafts and jewelry.

    With girls you can make:

    Beads of mountain ash and acorns.
    A skirt of maple leaves.
    Furniture for a doll house of acorns, sticks and plasticine.

    With boys you can make:

    A car of sticks, acorns and cones.
    Draw a tree on a piece of paper and paste real branches and leaves to it.
    Collect a lot of cones and acorns and decorate the ground in the flower pots in your house with various patterns. Be creative!

    10. Autumn tales. Play a live fairy tale with your child. Your task is to tell a fairy tale, and the child will depict it:

    Autumn has come – the child can step forward, stretch his arms.

    A boy went for a walk in the forest – the child is taking several steps and is marching with his hands.

    Suddenly the boy saw a den, and a bear is sleeping and snoring there – the child is depicting a sleeping snoring bear.

    Then the boy met a hamster who is making some provisions and is picking up some grain in his mouth – the child is blowing his cheeks and is making chewing movements.

    Suddenly it became cold – the child begins to tremble.

    Night falls and the boy wants to sleep – the child is yawning.

    The boy is coming home and going to bed – the child is putting his hands together and is placing them under a cheek.

    You can also play with the child’s facial expressions:

    Show me a joyful bear? And an angry one?
    Show me a full squirrel? And a hungry one?
    How does a hedgehog collect apples? How do the birds peck the seeds?

    These activities develop fantasy very well, as well as thinking and facial expressions. They will also help both you and the child to have fun during this autumn season. Mix business with pleasure!

    What other ideas of autumn games and activities do you know? Share them with us!


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