Easter Recycled Arts and Crafts with Kids: Stands for Easter Chicken

    Recycled Arts and Crafts

    How often recycled items get into our “bins”. They suddenly appear from nowhere and you just can’t throw them into the trash. If you have such items in your house you can make recycled arts and crafts with the kids like these stands for Easter chicken.

    When decorating this way, you create a beautiful “fluffy” stand. Here’s how you can easily and quickly make this crafts with your child.

    The purpose of the stands: for children’s spring and summer crafts.

    You need

    – 2 protecting packaging inserts;
    – light green and yellow material (disposable tablecloth);
    – some green crepe paper;
    – a wooden stick with a sharp end;
    – zig zag scissors;
    – PVA glue (it is better to take “Universal”).

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-1

    How to decorate the stands

    1. Cut the material into long strips 2.5 cm wide with the zig zag scissors. Due to an uneven edge you get additional volume.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-2

    2. Cut the squares from stripes.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-3

    3. Apply glue on the sides of the stand and with the help of the sharp end of the wooden stick “screw in” the material. Place the blanks from the material as close to each other as possible.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-4

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-5

    4. Decorate this way all the sides of the stand and let them dry.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-6

    5. Finally, decorate the top edges of the stand.

    That’s how the finished stand looks.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-7

    6. You can decorate the second stand using two type of material: yellow and light green.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-8

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-9

    7. Complete the stand for chicken with the grass made of green crepe paper. Not unrolling the rolled paper, cut off strips with a width of no more than 0.5 cm with the help of zig zag scissors When unfolding the strips you will get “grass”.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-10

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-11

    8. Fill the stand with the “grass”.

    Recycled Arts and Crafts-12

    Stands for children’s crafts are ready! And your child will gladly put his chicken or colored eggs into them!

    There are lots of ideas how you can use these bright stands: for Easter eggs, spring and summer flowers, for ladybirds, etc.

    And what Easter arts and crafts will you make with the child? Share your ideas with the rest of us in the comment section!

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    1. Back when I was a kid, Easter meant painting eggs, turning them into funny faces.
      Your stands would be perfect to create rows of funny faces.
      Simple and yet beautiful project – thanks for sharing!

    2. we don’t have kids but I really like these stands, I think it would be cute to do a little easter display in our windowsill (Our neighbours have recently done this in theirs!). I am going to share this post with my sister-in-law as my nephew loves to do crafts too!

    3. I am showing this to my daughter – she loves to do crafts and anything manual really. The other day i found her with Schtroumpfs like hands – all blue :D. Am certain she would love doing this.

    4. Awwwww..this is such a lovely idea…to think I’ve always thrown away those protective packaging insert…this is a fun and colourful diy