Early Childhood Education General Points and Principles

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    In the this article you will learn the paramount early childhood education general points and principles and in what way to educate your baby.

    When teaching and developing your baby, you should use many short activities – each just a few minutes long – covering a wide range of subject matter, some new and some familiar. It is most definitely a mistake to try to spend a whole lesson-time on one subject. You should exercise sensitivity and discernment of your baby, and feel her needs. Always remember that the child is the cardinal component of your lesson-time, and it will often differ from what you planned. If a child is fidgety and not focused, or if it becomes clear that the time would be better spent learning something different, then you should abandon the planned activities and do what is more appropriate.

    You should never try to take one subject and teach it very thoroughly, e.g. spend a whole lesson-time teaching body parts even if done with a variety of techniques. This is very satisfying for you and very tedious for your child. The child will become restless and often lose interest. You should touch upon many different subjects in one lesson-time each time going over what was learnt the lesson before. This has an accumulative effect and the infant will not have time to get bored with the subject. This is also much more the way in which your infant pieces together the knowledge of her native language.

    You are both are on the floor. You will answer mostly instead of your baby in many situations. And of course you must keep discipline during all your lesson time.

    You should:

    – Educate your baby through games;

    – Not to give up when there will be difficulties;

    – Never pressure your infant into speaking if he does not want to. Truth is that many of the infants are not going to speak at all. Be patient and believe in the child!

    – Deal with the child with great enthusiasm;

    – Relax and enjoy yourself and your baby!

    – Always believe that the child is intelligent and good. The child will pick up your feeling and repay you a thousand-fold;

    – Always defend the child’s capacity when a neighbor or relatives express doubt as to his abilities and potential.

    – Always praise your baby!

    You can educate your baby at any convenient time for you. The classes are conducted in a form of a game. But for the education to be excessive, you should educate only when your baby is in a cheerful and happy mood. She will understand and perceive the material better. Otherwise she will be capricious and will not want to play at all. You both should be happy, relaxed and enjoy all the activities and every minute spent together.


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