Early Childhood Development: When to Start?

    Early Childhood Development

    For many parents, early childhood development is the child’s ability to read and count. This is not true. Early development involves getting the basic concepts about the world, physical training and exercises, creativity development as well as self-help skills and more from the young age.

    Every child is different. He develops at his own pace, develops his own capabilities step by step … And if a function is not formed to this or that age, developmental delay is talked about. This usually happens when a baby is seriously ill, or when he does not receive the attention of adults, when nobody educates and plays with the baby.

    But when adults start playing with the baby, paying a little attention to her, telling her something, showing pictures, reading the books, she begins to develop, grow wiser, her eyes become more mature. Everything is interesting for such a baby, he asks to play with him over and over again.

    So here we can give the definition of the term “early development”. It is the intensive development of a child, his abilities at an early age (from 0 to 2-3 years). Of course at this age it is absolutely incompatible with the traditional, “kindergarten-school” methods of education and development.

    The fact is that a child is born with a great potential, his brain actively works, connections between nerve cells are being established and strengthened, he absorbs all the information like a sponge. Children begin learning at birth. Surrounding sounds, tactile sensations and visual images – all this is the first lesson in a newborn’s life. Every day the baby receives more and more information. Psychologists say that within the first six years of life, the child receives more information than during all the next years! Nature is arranged in such a way that during this period the child can easily learn, easily remember many words and can absorb a huge amount of knowledge. But, alas, this won’t last forever. Development of the brain, which is as active as a child, gradually slows down. But in order for the brain to fully develop, it requires constant work. And that is why it should be given particular attention to learning during the first years of life. Education should be diversified and development should be harmonious.

    So, here is the answer to the question “when is the right time for your child’s development?” – from the first days of life!


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