Different Emotions Recognition

    Different Emotions

    Such skill as recognition of different emotions is vitally important for your child to feel free and comfortable among
    other people and to interact with them, to be confident and to be able to express positive emotions.

    You are the first person in your baby’s life to teach him about that. Use this game to focus your little one’s attention on the feelings of other people and to stimulate his sense of humor.

    Of course, your little one can’t tell you what he sees, so you need to comment all your actions.

    Make a happy face and say: “Look, I am happy!” Now close your face with the hands and make it sad: “What is changed? I pulled down my lip corners and I’m sad.” Then hide your face and make it sleepy: “What is changed? I slightly closed my eyes and I’m sleepy.” Hide your face again and show a happy emotion to your baby: “What is changed? I’m smiling and I am happy again!

    Teach the baby about these basic emotions and when he knows them, add new ones. You will see that your baby will eventually try to repeat your facial expressions. You can vary the game with the help of pictures or flashcards.

    You should know

    – The purpose of the game is to focus a child on the behavior and emotional state of another person.

    – The child is learning to perceive emotional state when hearing its name and designation with the word.

    – Positive emotions are stimulated in the child.


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