Crying Baby – Common Reasons and Soothing Solutions

    Crying Baby

    A crying baby often makes his parents think over the reasons of his worries and solutions to comfort him.

    The main reasons for crying are unmet physiological needs – baby wants to eat, to drink, to pee, to poop, to sleep. He wants, but can’t do.

    It’s easy to determine hunger or thirst – just give your baby food and water. But what about other needs?

    Only boys have difficulties peeing if there is inflammation of the foreskin. You can understand this if your baby’s crying shrilly when urinating every time.

    The following actions will help soothe your little one:

    1. warm bathing with antiseptic solution (furacilin or potassium permanganate) – 4-5 times a day for 10-15 minutes;
    2. pull the foreskin and drip 2-3 drops of pure oil solution into the slot – an oil solution of vitamin E or A from are the best.

    If the baby is crying shrilly when urinating, if he can’t calm down having peed, if he obviously can’t pee, if the penis head is red (turned blue) or swollen – visit your doctor immediately.

    Abdominal pain also causes baby’s cries if he hasn’t pooped for a long time (8-10 hours).

    Your possible actions: abdominal massage with a hand and symmetrical bending of the knee and hip joints of both legs (press legs to the stomach). If there is no any effect, use a vapor tube; you can also use the plastic tip of an enema; necessarily smear it with Vaseline and immerse it into the anus 2-3 cm deep. Do it your baby lying on a side with his legs pressed to the stomach and you should keep on massaging his tummy. And lastly use the enema. If the baby hasn’t pooped afterwards on his own, again put the vapor tube for the water to fall out.

    The further actions, including the usage of medications to reduce spasms in the intestines (Noshpa), should be coordinated with your doctor.

    Skin rash and cracks are also one of the main reasons for crying. Provide a proper temperature in the room, because abdominal pain, skin disorders, and thirst are constant companions of overheat.

    If the baby is naughty for a long time in the bed and tries to unswathe himself – then you are maybe in a hurry to put him to sleep. Let him spend some time naked and play calm games together.

    Very often parents complain that “the child has confused day and night” – he calmly sleeps during the daytime and is active at night. The reason is that very often the baby sleeps enough during the day and wants to play at night. If the child’s room isn’t hot and there are no other reasons for crying (food, water, skin, stomach, etc.), i.e. he is screaming at night because he has slept enough during the day, then you shouldn’t let him sleep during the daytime. The result will delight you.

    All these reasons for baby’s cries are mostly associated with the body disorders. It will be interesting for you to read more about emotional reasons for baby’s cry in the article Learning to Understand Baby.


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