Crossing Game


    Crossing game will be a kind of fun gymnastics for your baby.

    The best way to play the game is to put the baby on her back and to cross the left hand to the right leg, then to cross the right hand to the left leg. Cross a hand and a foot in the midway point while saying:

    Put your hand to your foot,
    Put your hand to your foot.
    Hand to foot,
    Hand to foot.
    Put put put,
    Put put put.
    Put your hand to your foot.

    You should know

    – This game coordinates left and right brain by exercising the information flow between the two hemispheres.

    – It will be useful for crawling, walking and physical quickness as well as for later skills like spelling, listening, writing, reading and comprehension.

    – The corpus callosum appears to be a screening mechanism set between two brain hemispheres. It is able to transit or prevent information going between the two hemispheres. If the corpus callosum does not pass on the information fluently from one hemisphere to the next, it can cause difficulty for the child to understand certain information, new situations or solve problems efficiently. It can lead also to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). So, crossing the midpoint in the brain is essential to prevent ADD and information processing problems.

    – This simple exercise of crossing the midpoint in the brain, facilitates the ability to pass information  through the corpus callosum to assist learning at school.

    – Crossing the midway point of the body encourages neurological preparation for learning by coordinating both brain hemispheres.

    – This exercise, that may seem to be very simple, is vitally important.


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