Creative Painting: Having Fun with the Baby

    Creative Games

    The following creative painting will give both you and your baby lots of fun.

    Within the first weeks give your infant a sheet of paper and pencils or paints. Show her a toy animal and ask her to draw it. Then talk about the animal’s body parts: where the head is, where the tail is, where the legs are, where the tummy is.

    Within the other next weeks let your child draw whatever he wants. Talk then about what it is and what can it do.

    Do some finger and hand paintings. Your baby can draw a toy cat or anything she wants while you talk to her about it. Note that if your baby doesn’t answer she will understand everything.

    If you want you can teach your baby some colours.

    While your baby is drawing you chant the rhyme:

    I love painting, I love drawing,
    I’m an artist, I’m a sketcher,
    Watch me creating a picture,
    I draw everything I like.

    You should know

    – Infants of one and two years old love to draw. What adults think to be scribbles has been scientifically shown to be symbolic rendering of themes. Research by Howard Gardner, Dennie Wolf and Carolee Fucigna of Harvard University asked babies of one and two years old do draw specific things like mommy or daddy. The results looked like scribbles. But scientists asked them to draw mommy’s head, they scribbled high; when asked to draw mommy’s feet, they scribbled low: when asked to draw mommy’s tummy, they  scribbled in the middle. So, they understood about proportion and figurative representation.

    – Let your child keep the self-confident creativity of the infant who starts drawing or scribbling. This wonderful quality can be so easily lost.

    – Also encourage your child to enjoy textures through finger painting.

    – The spatial relations in the baby scribbles may very well basically correspond to the spatial relations of the objects you asked him to draw.


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