Crawl Over


    Bring many cushions for your baby to crawl over them. If you have several sack-chairs, all the better! Because it is a bit hard and very funny for the baby to crawl over them. Put chairs and a table to crawl under them. You can even bring long fabric tunnels so your baby can crawl through them. You can play a game when your baby chases you around the objects.

    All you need to do is just to crawl with your baby. Even if your baby can already walk, she still should crawl. But if your baby cannot crawl encourage her by putting your hands on her feet. Even pulling herself along on her stomach will be the first step to do this.

    The best way to inspire your baby to crawl, is to tempt her to move from one place to another in order to reach a toy or something else interesting laying in another corner of the room.

    You should know

    – Crawling is the way most babies move around the space.

    – For the brain to form the muscular and neural connections needed for crawling, the infant needs to spend much time on the carpet on his stomach.

    – Crawling is a very important stage, not only in learning to walk, but the way the brain is programmed. It is essential for helping of the two hemispheres of the brain to work together. There is evidence that if the stage of crawling is skipped or if the infant has not spent enough time crawling, this can result in poor concentration, poor coordination, hyperactivity and difficulties in learning to read or write Crawling strengthens baby’s muscles preparing her for walking. Arms, legs and back muscles are being strengthened for the baby not to fall down on the floor.

    – Moving across the room in a crisscross patterning of arms and legs – whether crawling on all fours or creeping  on the stomach – uses both brain hemispheres and enhances learning and coordination.


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