Counting Game

    Counting Game

    Counting game is one of the ways of bonding strengthening between you and your baby. Take some countable objects (building blocks, spoons, sticks etc.) First count to 3. Repeat the counting many times rhythmically.

    Then count to 5. You can count objects, jumps, claps, fingers etc.

    Say the rhyme while counting and pointing at yourself and the baby like this:

    One, two,
    This is you.
    One, two, three,
    You and me

    You can create your own rhyme.

    You should know

    – Infants are born with the ability to understand and perceive the quantity.

    – Early childhood development also includes the development of such skill as counting.

    – Brain Butterworth in the work “What Counts” (1999) says:

    “My hypothesis is that we are all born with a Mathematical Brain – a brain that contains a special Number Module that categorizes the world in terms of numerosities and forms the basis of our concept of numerosities…The ability to categorize the world in terms of numerosities is not like the ability to read an alphabetic script. We don’t have to learn it; we are born knowing how to do it: it is part of our Mathematical Brain.”

    – Researches show that newborn babies and infants can tell the difference between numbers of objects and have arithmetical expectations. And they react strongly to experiments in which outcomes are arithmetically impossible.

    – Glenn Doman uses red dots on white cards to teach numbers, addition and subtraction to babies and infants up to the age of 2 years with much success.


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