Colorful Games


    The first step for a child to acquire the skill to recognize colors is to learn to find objects of the same color. And colorful games will be of great use for this purpose.

    Find a color

    Both you and your baby sit down on the floor or any other place with more free space. Show him a toy cube so that he could view it closely, then show him the same toy from a distance, and repeat these actions several times. Choose the cube of one color, red or blue for example.

    Then you should take three or four colored sheets of paper with one color similar to that of the block. Put the pieces of paper on the floor and place the cube on the corresponding color. Repeat this action several times.

    Having finished these simple manipulations, ask your baby to put the block on a piece of paper of the same color on his own.

    Playing the game, constantly repeat the names of the colors you are playing with.

    Colored walk

    Walk around the apartment with your baby. Maybe you will ask “How to do it?” There is nothing complicated about it.

    You need a bright toy. The point of such a walk is that you will look for the items with the color similar to the toy’s one.

    As soon as you find the objects, tell your baby that the found things and the toy are of the same color. For example: “This is the dad’s shirt, it is red just like the car in your hands …

    Collect the color

    This game is a lot like the previous one. The idea is to walk around the room with the baby and collect all the items of the same color in a bag or a basket.

    When often playing this game, you will be eventually surprised that your baby might be able to play it without you and collect the objects of the same color in a room and putt them in one place.

    Interesting colors

    To play this game you need two small containers of the same shape and size. For example small bowls, buckets or jars of different colors necessarily with the lids will be suitable (you can color white ones with markers or felt pens).

    Place both containers in front of your baby and, touching each one, name the color. Then take the child’s hand and touch a container with it, and name the color of the container several times.

    Pick up one of the containers and say: “I like a blue jar, and you want to take a yellow jar” – and do this several times, each time giving the jar to the baby. It is necessary to change the containers, and give the containers of different colors.

    Put an object into a container, close and shake it. The uttered sound will delight your little one and he will love it. Repeat the name of the color and ask the baby to find the container of this color. After such a game your baby will find the container, which makes a sound, by color.

    Sort colors

    Take cardboard sheets of three or four main colors and cut out a lot of circles with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm. Еhen take containers of the same colors and put them in a row.

    The task of the baby is to put circles into the container of corresponding color. You can make the game more interesting. For example, tell your baby that circles are different berries (only make sure that your child does not understand you literally) and he should sort the berries for different animals. Once your baby has finished sorting activity, take several toy animals and let them “eat” the berries. Let your baby help you feed the animals. Remember to comment all your actions.

    You should know

    – Collecting and selecting colors help develop eye-hand coordination.

    – Matching activity will contribute to the development of thinking skills.

    – Taking cardboard circles off a surface helps fine motor skills develop and form the correct plucked capture with fingers that is so necessary for development of writing skills.

    – Children love colors, and such games are lots of fun!


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