Clear Tips for Early Childhood Education

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    For your baby to be educated properly you should follow the clear tips for early childhood education:

    – Never pressure an infant into speaking if he does not want to. Truth is that many of the infants are not going to speak at all. Be patient and believe in the child!

    – Deal with the child with great enthusiasm.

    – Always believe that the child is intelligent and good. The child will pick up your feeling and repay you a thousand-fold.

    – Always defend the child’s capacity when a neighbor or relatives express doubt as to his abilities and potential.

    Tips for lessons

    – Establish direct eye contact and interaction between everyone all the time.

    – Place as less furniture and objects in the room where you teach and play with the baby as possible. Furniture and objects restrict baby’s movements and thus physical and mental development.

    – Alternate standing and sitting activities.

    – Always have a ratio of about 30% new material to about 70% old material. The old material should be repeated in a different way of learning. Infants love to use material the are familiar with. But every time they need to feel that they learn something new.

    – Sing at least 2 songs every lesson-time. It’s perfect to start a lesson with a song and finish with another one. It leaves a baby being happy at the end of a lesson.

    – Try to stop each activity before a baby is bored. It makes her feel that the lessons with you are really fun and she wants more!

    – Try to make games and material with your own hands. Baby will feel the warm energetic and will play with them with more desire. Some objects are better to be original, e.g. crockery, furniture, food etc.

    Relax and enjoy yourself and your baby!

    There is nothing closer to a person than his native language – after perhaps his soul. The mother tongue can stir him, anger, make happy or sad by the sound or intention of the words.

    You should never underestimate what you are doing. A baby perceives the language through songs, rhymes, love, stimulation, relaxing, ant the whole world in itself. Right rhythm is more important than a correct vocabulary.


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