Choo Choo Train – Funny and Cognitive Activity for Toddlers

    Choo Choo Train

    Choo Choo Train activity continues to teach your toddler about vehicles. This time your little one will learn about the train and its particularities: how and where it runs, the sounds it utters.

    Repeat or learn (if the baby already knows it) a train. Show the baby pictures of it or play the toys. Show, how it urns and utter its sound – choo-choo.
    You can also take a toy train and put a little toy in it and let it drive in the train. Offer your baby to move the train with the toy and say a short and simple story about that. Play this game for a little while.

    Play the game Where Is It? with the train.

    Make some train arts and crafts.

    The next time learn the vocabulary from the rhyme: here-there, run, along (jump, crawl along something), day (switch on the light – day, switch off the light – night), there-back, draw railway on the paper and run along it. You can perform these activities during not one but several lessons for the baby not to get tired and bored.

    Depict the train: place the toys (Teddy Bear, doll, doggie, cat, etc.) behind each other and say that it is a train and it says choo-choo while running. You can also take Daddy, stand in a row, and run like the train saying choo-choo.

    If it is difficult for the baby to perform these activities during one lesson, divide them into several parts. Watch your baby’s mood and desire.

    You are free to create your own activities to teach your baby about the train. Use all your imaginaton and creativity.

    Puffing along again.
    Sing the song forming a train with the children (arms on each other’s shoulders)

    Puffing along again.
    and running along

    Running along the track.
    an imaginary or masking tape track

    All day there and back.
    Point forward and backward in a semi-circular movement.

    Verse 2 – I am the choo choo train…
    Point to yourself and make circular motions with your arms on both sides

    Verse 3 – You are the choo choo train…
    Point to the baby next to you and do as above

    Verse 4 – We are the choo choo train…
    Make a circle with your arm for “we” and do as above

    You should know

    – The baby learns sign language.

    – This helps develop baby’s cognitive skills.

    – The activity is a source of fun and it’s a mood booster.


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