Choking Baby: What to Do? Vitally Important Guide for Parents

    Choking Baby

    What must parents do with the choking baby (under 1 year old and without loss of consciousness)? It’s a serious question worth asking, because when you have a little child you should be ready for different emergency situations. It’s not necessary to live in anxiety and constant anticipation of trouble. But it’s better to know how to behave if your little one, who is not yet one year old, suddenly will need first aid, especially if you are quite able to provide it.

    Your actions when the baby chokes on an object

    The symptoms are: the baby is suffocating and can’t scream, is emitting whistling sounds, is vainly trying to cough, the face turns blue.

    When to call a doctor

    1. If there is someone else beside you, let one of you call an ambulance and the other one start performing the first aid techniques described below.
    2. If you are alone, call an ambulance if this can be done quickly. Then start performing the first aid techniques described below.
    3. Even if you have managed to free the child’s airways from a foreign body and your baby seems quite healthy, call a doctor.

    What you shouldn’t do

    1. Do not undertake excess actions if the baby is able to cough, to breathe and to cry.
    2. Do not try to catch an object stuck in the baby’s throat with your fingers – you can push it even further.
    3. If the child has stopped breathing, immediately free the airways.
    4. Perform the following actions only if you are certainly sure that the baby is choking. Start them only when the child loses the ability to cough and scream or when the cough and cry weaken sharply.

    It’s important to stay calm! You may not ever need this knowledge but it is better to heed the rule: be aware and stay safe.

    First aid techniques

    1. Put the child face down on your hand so that his chest is on your palm, and enfold the baby’s lower jaw with your thumbs and forefingers. Sit and lean your arm and baby against your hip or knee. Lower the child’s head below his torso.
    2. Give 4 sharp blows to the back between the shoulders within 5 seconds with the palm of the free arm.
    3. Then put the baby on the other hand face up. Lean the arm on your hip or knee. Keep the baby’s head below his torso. Put two fingers of your free hand on the thorax just below the baby’s nipples.
    4. Within 5 seconds push your fingers sharply 4 times on the thorax so that it lowers 1.5-2.5 cm very time.
    5. Again put the child on the other hand face down and give 4 additional blows to the back.
    Keep on alternating these two methods (4 blows to the back, 4 pushes on the chest) until either a foreign body is pushed out or the doctor arrives.

    Choking Baby

    First Aid

    First Aid Techniques

    Stopped Breathing

    Baby Choking

    Let both you and your child be healthy!

    Has your baby ever started choking? What were your right actions or even mistakes? Share your experience ant tips! They can be useful for the other parents!


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