Build the House Game for Babies 12 Months Old

    Build the House Game pic

    Teach and review all the vocabulary from the rhyme for build the house game.

    You can even make your own house using the shoe boxes. Of course commenting your each movement.

    When all the vocabulary is taught, act out the rhyme. You can create your own melody and sing it:

    Build the house up very high.
    (stretch arms up touching fingertips like a roof)
    Point the chimney to the sky.
    (stretch one arm up)
    Put the roof on.
    (put hands above your head)
    Lay the floor.
    (make a square shape with your hands above the floor)
    Open wide the big, front door.
    (make an opening gesture with two hands)

    You should know

    – Rhyme, rhythm and music encourage better learning of phonetic and intonation of your mother tongue.

    Make-believe play not only encourages imagination but also helps your baby language development.

    – Infants whose parents encouraged make-believe play – more than non make-believe play – scored higher on tests of language development.


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