Bouncy Balls Game

    Bouncy Balls Game

    At this age period you can play bouncy balls game, your baby being able to participate in it.

    To play the game, you need several soft balls. Seat the baby on the carpet and place the balls around him. Balls must be of a different size and color.

    First of all, you need to show your baby how to push and roll a ball. Push a ball several times; make sure that the baby sees how you are doing this. While pushing say: Look! I am pushing the ball! The ball is rolling! Pushing! Rolling!

    Now it’s your baby’s turn to push and roll a ball. Place his palm on one of the balls and say: Johnny, push the ball! And of course you help him push the toy. When the ball starts rolling, say: You have pushed! The ball is rolling! Hurray! Perform the similar action with the second and the third ball, gradually weakening the extent of your impact on the toy and thus letting your baby do it by himself. Of course this unlikely will happen the first time, but be patient and practice.

    After a few weeks you can complicate the game by placing not only balls around your baby, but other non-rolling toys as well (e.g. building blocks). Once all the balls have rolled away, place the baby’s hand on a block and say: Push! After an unsuccessful attempt to make the block roll, explain: It is not rolling. The block is not rolling! The ball is rolling! While saying this, give your baby a ball for him to try to push it again.

    As soon as your baby has mastered pushing balls, complicate the task – ask him to follow a ball. After a successful push, say: You have pushed the ball! Hurray! Crawl! Get the ball! Good boy/girl! Do not forget to praise the child for a correct performance of the task.

    You should know

    – Games with balls develop psychomotor apparatus control; work out new moves and improve already existing ones, develop cognitive abilities (memory, creativity, expression), stimulate the grasping reflex, attention, speed of reaction as well as teach to observe and imitate.

    – This helps the baby realize that not only one specific ball can roll, but all ones can.

    – Baby learns that only round objects can roll.

    – It is a lot of fun!


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