Blowing Game


    Babies need to discover their parts of the body so they can use them. You can help your baby learn her body parts playing the Blowing Game. It means to blow on a cheek, to blow on a palm etc. While blowing you should say: I’m blowing on your cheek, I’m blowing on your palm. This game increases the awareness of baby’s body parts. Another way of playing is to repeat the game with other verbs and say:

    I’m rubbing the talk on your hand,
    I’m rolling the soft ball on your shoulder,
    I’m showing your nose in the mirror,
    I’m tickling your neck,
    I’m stroking your hair.

    You should know

    – It may sound strange but babies are not born with the understanding that they have feet, shoulders or hands. They need to find them, feel them, activate them and build networks between the brain and each part of the body. And this takes time and lots and lots and lots of repetitions.

    – This game increases the awareness of baby’s body parts.

    – Infants’ first fixed point of reference is their own body. Everything else around moves and changes. It’s important that the baby or infant discovers what her body is and what it can do.

    – It is thought that many adults cannot accept themselves as when being babies they didn’t create a comfortable bond with their own bodies.

    – Bonding with the body needs:

    1. The body to be relaxed.
    2. Senses to be fully enlivened.
    3. Strong muscles.

    – A relaxed body can be achieved by: swaying, rocking and stroking the baby. All these relax baby.

    – Enlivening the senses can be achieved by: stimulating the senses of taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. All these will create signals that tickle the senses into being alert. The senses having been enlivened, this tickling travels to the brain via neurochemical pathways. These impulses are newly put then together in the brain to form a representation of the original sensual experience. The baby’s experiences depend on the senses functioning quality.

    – For the brain to have a good quality of representation it needs stimulation, stimulation, stimulation of senses. Each sense individually needs stimulation.

    IMPORTANT:  an infant who shows irritation or defensiveness when being touched most probably needs to develop the skin sensory receptors. So, the answer to this can be to develop the tactical level by the blowing activities with all different tactical experience. Here we have the senses of seeing and hearing but most particularly touching that are enlivened.

    Playing games with the baby’s body parts is the beginning of baby’s self-image as she feels and becomes aware of her own body and feels good with it.


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