Blowing Bubbles

    Blowing Bubbles

    While you are blowing bubbles your baby should catch them. Take a soap bubble container with a plastic bubble loop. Blow bubbles and ask your baby to catch them.

    Be careful not to blow bubbles into your baby’s eyes. The baby catching the bubbles you are saying: What a big bubble!

    Catch the bubbles!
    They are floating,
    And then they pop!

    You should know

    – This game helps the baby to develop both eyes together. This ability is important as the eyes guide the whole body. Notice that every time you move in the room your baby is turns her whole body toward you. This is because her inner eye muscles are connected to the core muscles in her tummy and back that allow her to follow movements with her eyes.

    – Babies need unlimited time on the carpet to move freely and develop core muscles. Babies supported too much time by the baby walkers and other supporting devices are not free to move and develop these core muscles and thus the eyesight could suffer.

    – The repetitive language play and the rhyme enhance the baby’s feel for her mother tongue and ability to use it.

    – The game teaches hand-eye coordination.

    – The game teaches the control of breathe flow.

    – The game introduces the new scientific concept to the child.

    – This allows the baby learn more about texture.

    – It’s a lot of fun!

    – Every baby is born with a dominant eye that does the focusing, while the other eye is the supportive one. The right are is an analytical one that focuses on details and words. The left eye is the creative one that loves colors and big pictures.


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