Big Bear – Little Duck. Developing Child’s Visual Perception

    Little Duck

    To play the game “Big Bear – Little Duck” you will need the toys – little duck and big bear. First of all examine and discuss the toys – their mouths and noses, eyes and tails and put them on the table – big bear to the right and little duck to the left but leave space for the spoons.

    Then take the spoons and examine them. Put the big spoon to the right and the little one to the left. Tell your baby: “The aminals will eat porridge, we need to give them spoons“. Take a spoon into your hand and ask the baby: “Here’s a little spoon. Who gets it?” If the baby can’t yet answer correctly, put it on the little duck by yourself. Then give your baby the big spoon and ask him: “Who do you want to give the big spoon?

    Then take the baby’s hand and help him put the spoon on the big bear. You can play the game once again if the baby is interested.

    Let the animals play for a while and then come to eat porridge and get the spoons again. Every time you play, encourage the baby to give animals the spoons on his own and praise him for the right answers even if he can’t still make the task independently.

    The activity lasts for 5-7 minutes. The next time let the animals drink tea from the cups and eat cookies.

    If it is easy for the baby to make the task, let him give the animals spoons, cups and cookies at once.

    Having played the game, offer your baby to dance and sing the song about these animals for him to remember them better. While singing you can show the size by spreading the hands and bringing them together or standind up and sitting down.

    I’m a big big bear,
    I’m a little little duck.
    I’m big-little, big-little,
    Clap, clap, clap.

    Of course you are free to create more other games to sort the objects by size: dolls get different pillows when going to sleep; different balls and boxes; sorting different carrots and pans in the kitchen, and so on.

    You should know

    During the first year of life, child’s senses are being developed when he grasps the objects and manipulates them. That’s why visual perception of objects is being developed in the most intese way. When the child is already 1 year of age you need not only to tech him about the size of objects, but also to compare their sizes bringing them closer to each other and performing the simplest actions with them. The child can understand the words big and little, so, play these kind of games and help the baby develop these concepts faster.


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