Behind My Back

    My Back

    Show your baby the toy you will play with and say its name. Then you hide the object behind your back and your baby needs to guess in which hand the object is. You say: behind my back there is the toy (its name). In which hand? Where is it?

    NOTE: within a few weeks you should hide the object only in one hand. E.g. it should be the left hand each time. So the next time your baby will already know that the object is in the left hand.

    After your baby knows it change the hand, and within a few weeks I will be only the right hand. Then you can change hands every week. Only after many weeks of playing you can change hands every time you play.

    While playing say:

    Where is the…(name of the object)?
    In which hand?
    Is it in this hand? Is it in this hand?
    Choose a hand and tap on it, tap, tap.
    It is in this hand! Hurray!

    You should know

    – The game Behind My Back helps develop your baby’s visual memory. Be sure to use a sequence.

    – The use of rhythm and rhyme helps your infant learn the phonetics and intonation of her mother tongue. This prepares her for excellent language skills and for reading.

    – Babies like and are able to predict sequences. It allows them to feel that they are in control of a small part of their environment.

    – Infants at the age of 2-3 months can forecast future events based on the past events. They can also anticipate patterns.


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