Bang on the Drum

    Bang on pic

    For you and baby to play the game “Bang On the Drum”, take the drums, pots, pans, boxes and other objects to bang on. Take sticks or spoons to bang with. You can also bang on everything you see in your space – door, table, battery, windowsill etc. Give a stick to your baby and start banging. You can take your baby’s hand and help her banging before she learns how to do this.

    While the baby is banging you are saying or better singing:

    Boom rum-a-tum, bang on the drum
    Boom rum-a-rable, bang on the table
    Boom rum-a-rot, bang on the pot, etc.

    You are free to create your own rhymes with all the objects you and your baby bang on.

    You can do it with any tempos – fast or slow: Let’s beat it fast. Let’s beat it slowly. And you say the rhyme with the corresponding tempo and say to your baby: Let’s say it fast. Let’s say it slowly.

    Babies 5-9 months-old may not be able to or want this to do. But they will watch their parents or other babies banging, and in few months they will join the game too.

    You should know

    – The game Bang on Drum develops rhythm as well as concepts of fast and slow

    – The physical activity of the arms will help develop musical tone

    – This activity is excellent for motor coordination

    – The game with rhythm and rhyme enhances early phonemic awareness

    – The baby gets early experience in playing musical instruments

    – This strengthens bonding between you and your baby

    – It is very funny!

    When a baby hears music and songs, so musical experience at an early age develops spatial-temporal reasoning and speeds-up the learning of mathematical concepts.


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