Baby’s Travel Packing List: 6 Items in You Must Have in Your Carry-on Bag

    Travel Packing List

    As a rule, when planning a vacation you always should have a travel packing list, and when going somewhere with babies your stuff doubles. So we’ve made such a list for you to save your both time and efforts so that you don’t forget anything. Of course you are free to change the list depending on your trip and preferences. The most important thing is that your vacation is fun and comfortable.

    1. Documents

    Domestic flights:

    – baby’s birth certificate or a passport;
    – travel medical insurance.

    International trips with the child:

    – baby’s passport;
    – travel medical insurance;
    – visa.

    Just in case, make photocopies of the documents and store both originals and photocopies in different places.

    You still should clarify with the companies what documents you need for these flights and trips.

    2. Food

    Depending on the transport you are traveling by and on the duration of the trip, you can choose the right menu for the journey. In any case, the following items will come in handy:

    – bottled water or juice;
    – quick children’s porridge;
    – canned food;
    baby formula (if the little one is fed artificial milk);
    pacifiers, small bottles, the spoon;
    – snacks by the child’s age (cookies, various purees, etc.).

    3. Medical kit

    You can buy medications in the place where you’ll spend your vacation. But you won’t always have both time and opportunity to visit local stores and pharmacies; especially it is difficult to find the right medications abroad. So purchase everything you need for your medical kid when still at home. And thus, you’ll be always sure that you can provide your little one with the first aid at any time when on vacation. Such medications include:

    antipyretic drugs;
    – thermometer;
    nasal drops;
    – antihistamines;
    ear drops;
    – medications for diarrhea and digestive disorders;
    – medications for abrasions and burns;
    – eye drops;
    – a bandage and plasters;
    – antiseptics (like iodine and others);
    – an anesthetic gel for gums (with teething).

    4. Hygiene kit

    – Children’s cream;
    – sunscreen products;
    – wet wipes;
    – disposable nappies;
    – soap;
    – shampoo;
    – toothbrush and toothpaste;
    – children’s scissors;
    – travel potty;
    – cotton buds.

    5. Clothing and shoes

    Ahead of time, determine whether you’ll have an opportunity to wash the children’s clothing in the place of rest. The number of clothing sets you will take depends on that. Both the length of your vacation, climatic conditions, and the kid’s personal characteristics affect the size of the suitcase. If the baby often spoils clothes when playing or eating you’ll have to take more clothing items. When planning a flight, pack warm things in the hand baggage to cover or to dress the baby when he falls asleep on board. The standard set of a small traveler includes:

    – linen (T-shirts, panties, socks);
    – T-shirts or bodysuits with short and long sleeves;
    – beachwear or a winter suit, depending on the climatic conditions;
    – a panama, a cap;
    – every day wear;
    – elegant clothes;
    – a warm suit;
    – a windbreaker;
    – every day and elegant shoes, sandals or boots, sneakers, slippers to walk in the room;
    – pajamas.

    6. And do not forget about …

    For both you and the baby to feel more comfortable when on vacation, you can take a compact stroller, an inflatable pillow.

    Take your kid’s favorite toy as well, which will remind him of home. Do not pack a lot of toys – for sure you will buy new ones when on vacation. Perhaps, it is worth buying toys for sand, water, or snow ahead of time (depending on the season).

    Your camera should always be charged, and there always should be enough space on your SD card to capture all the moments of happiness of your cheerful little one on vacation.

    And what is your travel checklist? Is there anything you’d like to add to this one?


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