Baby Skin Rash – What is It Caused by?

    Baby Skin Rash

    Every mother when seeing rash on her baby’s skin asks: why has it appeared? The most frequent causes of a baby skin rash are infectious diseases and allergies.

    When a rash appeared but there are no signs of an infection (high body temperature, lethargy, reluctance to eat, etc.) you should think what your baby (or you if you breastfeed) has eaten; what spray or paint you have used; what has been brought into your house, etc.

    It is quite easy to treat infectious diseases accompanied by rash but unfortunately not all of them. So you should necessarily show your baby to the doctor and the sooner the better. If the rash is accompanied by vomiting and high temperature, do all your best to take the child to the hospital.

    There are three groups of diseases that may cause the skin rash:

    1. infectious diseases;
    2. allergic diseases;
    3. diseases of blood and blood vessels.

    Let us examine them in details.

    Infectious diseases are the most common causes of rash, and such rush can be easily determined. After all, there must be other signs of an infectious disease besides rush – high body temperature, loss of appetite, chills, something aches (neck, head, abdomen), or something has been swollen, runny nose, cough, or diarrhea.

    Rash can be caused by viral diseases – measles, rubella, chickenpox are the most common ones, but there are many others with terrible names – herpes infection, infectious mononucleosis, infectious erythema, etc. Particularity of all these diseases is that an ill person cannot be treated because effective ways to kill these viruses have not been invented yet. But there’s nothing to worry about – the human body will cope with them by itself in one to two weeks.

    Infectious rashes may be caused by bacteria. Fortunately antimicrobials (antibiotics, sulfonamides) will help an ill child.

    Rash is often a manifestation of an allergy. Thoughts of an allergic nature of the rash appear firstly, when there are no signs of infection (overall condition is good, body temperature is normal, appetite is good) and, secondly when the child contacted with something (someone) who could be a source of allergy. The child could also eat something (citrus fruit, chocolate, pills); the child was given an injection (a medicine); the child could breathe something (paint, spray); the child has touched something (cats, dogs, rugs, “well” painted or “well” washed clothing).

    Thus there are 4 main allergies – food, medicine, respiratory and contact ones.

    Any skin rash is not a disease of skin but a manifestation of internal processes. The body receives different substances, and they cannot be always fully assimilated. They are not completely digested in the intestine, are not neutralized by the liver or removed by kidneys and lungs. As a result, these substances get antigens properties and thus cause the secretion of antibodies. Antigen and antibody complexes cause rashes.

    Thus, child’s allergy skin rash is just a consequence; the reason is a contact of the body with substances that are allergens for the child.
    A physician will deal with a consequence only, and the parents’ task is to understand the causes.

    There are two reasons of rash appearance caused by mentioned diseases of blood and blood vessels:

    1. reduction or dysfunction of particular blood cells – platelets, which are actively involved in the blood clotting (this is often congenital);

    2. violation of vascular permeability. There are large or small hemorrhage on the skin and such rash is provoked by injuries or other diseases like ordinary colds and high temperature.

    Remember: the causes of rash cannot be always easily determined, and neither Mrs. Stewart’s bluing or Brilliant Green, nor permanganic acid or iodine can help the ill child. So, the doctor must first examine your child and he will tell you how to treat your little one.

    What secrets and tips do you have to share with other parents?


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