Baby Massage Tips

    Baby Massage Tips

    Parents know that for their child to grow healthy they should first of all give her good care. For this purpose in this article important detailed baby massage tips are described.

    Baby’s organism must be strengthening all the time with air and water tempering procedures, walking in the fresh air, massage and exercises. Massage is a kind of passive gymnastics. Massage promotes the blood and lymphatic vessels expansion, improves the blood and lymph circulation, enhances the function of the sweat and sebaceous glands, removal of dead skin layers-the epidermis. Skin becomes elastic, becomes more resistant to mechanical, thermal and other environmental influences. Baby massage strengthens her musculoskeletal system, improves muscular tone, elasticity and contractility of the muscles, flexibility and mobility of the ligaments.

    You can do massage and exercises beginning from 1.5-2 months of life every day:

    – within the waking hours,
    – 30-40 minutes after a meal or
    – 20-30 minutes before a meal, if the baby is awake and cheerful.

    Massaging a baby’s whole body when she is naked is very important. But when you just start massaging and your baby only gets used to cold temperatures, you should undress her gradually. After 3-4days you can undress your baby completely, and she will also take air bath.

    You should massage your baby in a well-ventilated room with an air temperature 20 + 22C, outdoors in the shade in summertime, with no wind at or below +22C. Your hands should be clean and dry.

    Massage and do gymnastic exercises carefully, gently, slowly, without violence, as your baby’s skin, muscles, ligaments and bones are very tender.

    Don’t use talcum powder and massage oil for massage because they clog up the pores of your baby’s skin. When massaging try to keep your baby in a good and happy mood, talk to her all the time.

    There are many ways of baby massage – involving movements from hands and feet inwards towards the heart; involving movements outward from the heart towards the end of limbs; involving oil. While massaging you should talk to your baby saying: this is you hand and this is your leg and so on.

    While massaging the baby’s face and head you can use small circular movements all over the scalp and face.

    Muscles are strengthened by gentle massage starting from the heart to:

    – The shoulders,
    – The arms,
    – The fingers,
    – The hips,
    – The thighs,
    – The knees,
    – The calves,
    – The ankles,
    – The feet,
    – The toes.


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