Baby Health Care from the First Days of Life

    Baby Health Care

    This time has come … You have become a happy parent. All you need is to live and be happy, but millions of questions and concerns don’t leave you in peace.  And one of such most important issues is baby health care.

    The most important thing that your little one needs is your love and care, and our task is to tell you about everything else.

    Such aspect as baby health care is divided into six main components described below. They are described in short here, and we’ll cover them in details in our next articles.

    Strong immune system

    Breastfeeding is the first major condition for a strong immune system. It provides a baby with everything he needs to grow normally, as well as it gives him antibodies that are an extra support of the immune system. When it is impossible to breastfeed, it is necessary to try to provide a baby with a special balanced nutrition.

    Comfortable digestion

    Parents will struggle with the increased flatulence in the first months of their baby’s life, as well as with the possible development of intestinal dysbiosis in the baby. Simple medications and massage complexes will help to treat colic, but treatment of bacterial overgrowth will require correction of baby’s nutrition, introduction (when prescribed by a pediatrician) of specific medications to strengthen the immune system and medications that contain lactic acid bacteria.

    Stable body growth

    Everything is pretty simple here: growth means calcium, and milk and cottage cheese of high quality are the sources of calcium.

    Development of organs of vision

    Development of good vision is an important aspect in baby health care. Nutrition must contain linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids. Unfortunately, they are not synthesized in the human body, but they play an important role in it. So baby’s diet should include specialized dairy products that contain these essential acids.

    Development of brain

    Of course, every baby is unique and genius from the very birth, but any genius needs to be fed and supported with taurine and carnitine, as well as with arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acids. These chemical compounds contribute to the development of intelligent capabilities of a baby best of all. So if chosen as an extra nutrition, baby formula should contain these acids.

    Reducing risks of allergy

    A baby should be saved from allergy in the first months of his life because allergic reactions can develop pathological mechanisms in the baby’s body. Of course, if an allergic reaction has been already discovered, parents should consult a pediatrician. Allergy in babies is most often seen as skin rash. So, vegetables and meat, and special baby products of well-known and certified manufacturers should be used for nutrition and supplementary nutrition.


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