Baby Formulas – Benefits and Rules of Feeding Baby


    If you don’t have enough breast milk, despite all your efforts, you have to give the child something else – baby formulas, for example. Such feeding is called mixed one. If a mother doesn’t have milk at all, we are talking about artificial feeding.

    So what to give the baby?

    Logically, the child should receive a product that, in its properties, is as similar to breast milk as it’s possible. These products are available in sufficient quantities and are sold under the name of adapted infant formulas.

    Optimum tactics and principles of choosing an infant formula

    1. A child has just an amazing ability to adapt to everything. And feeding is not an exception, and the main troubles – abdominal pain, diarrhea, diathesis, etc. appear, as a rule, when the child is transferred from one food to another one or when a new product is added to his nutrition. So both you and your child aren’t interested in frequently changed formula.

    2. It is necessary to change baby formulas only when there’s a reason for serious anxiety – the child does not gain weight, for example. But formulas are rarely guilty in this – it is likely that something is wrong with the child and the problem should be solved together with the pediatrician. The vast majority of cases of infant formula intolerance are associated with intolerance to cow’s milk, which is the basis of all formulas. It should be emphasized once again that if there’s a problem with feeding baby an infant formula, do not try to solve it by yourself.

    You should know that cow’s milk intolerance isn’t a tragedy, it’s just a trouble. There are infant formulas that contain not cow’s milk but soy-bean or almond milk.

    3. When buying an adapted formula, you should be sure that you can buy exactly the same one once again!

    4. Any dilution of whole cow’s milk is clearly inferior to adapted formula in quality, purity, and in the number of vitamins.

    If you for any reason can’t buy an infant formula, you can use cow’s milk in the following way: 120 ml of cow’s milk + 80 ml of boiled water + 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. You can feed your baby this milk for a month without fear about his health. But it is very desirable that you buy an infant formula. Any formula is clearer, more stable in composition, and contains vitamins.

    5. The child is healthy, develops normally, gains weight. You shouldn’t change anything just because the neighbor feeds her baby different formulas each week and one box is more beautiful than another one.

    How to feed baby an infant formula

    First of all, strictly keep to the instructions regarding storage and breeding.

    There are two options of mixed feeding:

    –  first breast milk and then an baby formula;
    –  replace one of the feedings with a formula.

    Choose the option, in which the formula is consumed in smaller quantities and breast milk, respectively, in more ones.

    The optimum temperature of the formula must be equal to the temperature of the child’s body. Try not to boil breast milk because almost all its benefits are lost – substances that protect the baby from infections (so-called immunoglobulins) are destroyed.

    A few words about donor milk

    Donor milk is human milk, but not the mother’s one. You can never be sure in a woman-donor: what she ate, if she has mastitis or not, whether she took any pill in the evening, etc.

    The use of donor milk is necessary only when the baby has cow’s milk intolerance. In all other cases adapted milk formula are more convenient, cheaper, and safer.

    Dear parents, tell us please your stories how and in what cases you fed or still feed your babies infant formulas? Share your tips and experience with other moms!


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