Animal Signs

    Animal Signs

    The activity “Animal Signs” helps you teach your baby to act out his first animals and birds.

    At first choose the animals and objects that you want your baby to learn. Take few of them. E.g. a cat, a mat, a rabbit and a bird. Say their names and say sounds they make.

    Take a rattle, shake it and ask you baby: Do you hear the rattle? And answer: Yes! Do the same with some more objects.

    Take toys or pictures of the animals and ask your baby: Can you jump like a rabbit? Yes! Jump about the room and say: I am jumping! Then sit on a matand say: I am sitting on a mat. Can you sit like a cat on a mat? Yes!

    And make a rhyme like this:

    Do you hear (cup your hand to the ear)
    a bird?
    Do you hear (cup your hand to the ear)
    a mouse?
    Can you jog like a dog? (tap your hip with the palm)
    Can you sit like a cat
    with a hat? (cap your hands above your head)

    Bird-Mouse-Dog-Cat for Baby Sign Language

    You should know

    – Chant and sign to your baby. She will eventually join in verbally. Do this over and over again.

    – By paying more attention to your infant and encouraging her to communicate earlier you assist her capacity to learn the complexities of her native language.

    – Create more animal signs or find them in a book or in the internet.

    – Beside Sign Language you give your baby an atmosphere, a reality and love of their native language and harmony in them for life!


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