Alphabet Game: My First Letters

    Alphabet Game

    If you want to teach your child to read and write from an early age, this merry alphabet game and the rhyme will help you greatly to teach your little one the ABC. For this purpose you will need an ABC banner on the wall or the ABC cards spread on the floor. If you are gifted you are free to make up a melody and sing the song, that will be even more great.

    Sing the song or chant the rhyme, while looking and pointing at the ABC. Alternatively, once the letter cards have been spread out on the floor your child can jump from letter to letter as you say or sing.

    You can also spread out on the floor the pictures of the items for each letter and your kid will jump on every card.

    But don’t perform the same activity every time you sing this song, create new ones for your child not to lose interest in this activity. For example you say a letter and your child shows the item by gestures. Say the letters randomly.

    Before chanting the rhyme print out the pictures of brown and red colors.

    You are free to play with other pictures for the letters.

    There are lots of letters in the alphabet so learn them gradually, just 4 lines every time or watch your kid’s mood.

    A is for apple.
    Pretend to be holding an apple and biting it.

    B is for brown.
    Point at the flashcard with the color brown.

    C is for clap.
    Clap your hands once.

    D is for down.
    Touch the floor with your hands.

    E is for Elephant.
    Pretend to have a trunk by placing your arm under your nose as an extension.

    F is for fat.
    Place your rounded arms beside your waists, forming a fat figure.

    G is for girl.
    Curl an imaginary strand of hair around your index finger.

    H is for hat.
    Pretend to be lifting a hat off your head in a greeting gesture.

    I is for igloo.
    Cross your hands and rub them against your arms as if you are cold.

    J is for jam.
    Lick your index finger.

    K is for kite.
    Pretend to be flying a kite, move your hands up and down as if you are holding an imaginary string, trying to keep it up in the air.

    L is for lamb.
    Hug yourself, then open and close your fingers as if feeling the soft wool of a lamb.

    M is for mouth.
    Point at your mouth.

    N is for nose.
    Point at your nose.

    O is for orange.
    Squeeze an imaginary orange.

    P is for pose.
    Place your hands on your hips, waist moving to one side.

    Q is for queen.
    Hold a crown and place it on your head.

    R is for red.
    Point at the red flashcard.

    S is for super.
    Lift both arms above your head, bend forward and pretend to fly as Superman.

    T is for tread.
    Stomp your foot once.

    U is for umbrella.
    Pretend to open an umbrella and lift it above your head.

    V is for vanilla.
    Lick an ice-cream cone.

    W is for way.
    Hold your right hand right in front of your chest facing forward and move it forward as if indicating a path.

    X is for X-ray.
    Hold your arms spread out and then move your hands from your chest down.

    Y is for you.
    Point at your kid.

    Z is for zoo.
    Stretch one arm above your head bending the hand at the wrist pretending to be a giraffe.

    I know the ABC
    Point at yourself and then to the ABC banner

    And now, you know it too.
    Point at the child and then at the ABC banner.

    You should know

    – The activity promotes your child’s speech and language development.
    – This improves your kid’s memory.
    – The activity is just lots of fun!


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