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Dear reader, welcome to our site BEBEZCLUB.com!


Here you will learn all about child development from the first days of his life.

What is the most important thing for all of us in life?

Of course, a good health, careful parenting and development, as well as a happy future for our sweet kids, aren’t they?

There are no identical children in the world, all the kiddies are unique. So tell me please, do we need to apply the same formulaic approach to them in education, development and upbringing? Don’t we really want to give our precious children the best things? That’s right, only the best!

And the matter is not that 99% of children after proper developmental lessons from an early childhood enter the prestigious universities and are highly paid professionals. And even not that having acquired a unique knowledge at an early age kids become the leading businessmen in the future, politicians, and inventors, no. The matter is that they reveal their boundless potential!

Possession and use of life-effective and practical advice from an experienced and well-skilled specialist means, first of all, caring of the most important in the world – of your child’s happy future!

The purpose of our project BEBEZCLUB.com is to help you more and better understand and care of your little ones. To help you learn and implement the most effective and comprehensive information about health care, education, parenting, and development of your children from the first days of their life.

We will try to help you identify the existing problems in your kid, and the most important, to help you find the effective, safe, and simple methods to resolve them. You will learn what developmental methods are the most efficient and interesting for both you and your child.

On the pages of BEBEZCLUB.com you will also find practical advice on:

baby massage – how to do it properly and what role it plays in a newborn’s life;

– examples of children’s sleep problems from my personal experience and recommendations how to solve them;

– effective methods for child speech and language development;

– tips on child care from the first days of life;

– when and how to start educating and developing kids;

– secrets and tips on child health in the early childhood;

– how to develop your little one’s brain;

– lots of educational games to lay the foundation for speaking, reading, writing and counting skills.

May you and your little one be even healthier, have more happiness and greater mood!

Our team

BEBEZCLUB-Early Childhood Education

I’m a certified experienced educator and teacher with 12 years of professional practice for the kids from the youngest age. I’m a merry, open-hearted, loving and thoughtful young woman and wife.

Me and my husband created this site. We are not native English speakers but we want to share with you all the information we know from our own and our friends’ experience. Hope you will find it useful and interesting.

Waiting for your tips, questions, and ideas in the comment section 🙂