9 Weeks Pregnant: The Third Month of Wonder

    9 Weeks Pregnant

    Now you are 9 weeks pregnant, which means you’re approximately at the 7th week after conception. It’s hard to do such estimation precisely because it’s near impossible to determine the exact day when your ovum was fertilized. Which is why you may be somewhere between the 6th week or even 8th week since conception.
    The 9th obstetric week opens the third month of your pregnancy. Others can hardly notice any big changes in your appearance or understand why your mood swings in a blink of an eye. Only early toxemia can give you away, but fortunately, not all the women have it.

    But the main thing is that you are already very well aware of your state because you notice the symptoms that usually signalize you’re pregnant. Maybe you have even already visited your obstetrician or got registered at your local maternity welfare center.

    What’s going on?

    A number of changes take place inside you during this week. Perhaps you have noticed that your favorite dress that used to fit so nicely got somewhat tight in the waist? Although, while it is very obvious for you others can’t see a thing.

    Your uterus is a bit enlarged but its walls experience only slight stretching. Now is the time for purchasing some good anti-stretch mark oils and creams. It would be nice if they contain a sufficient amount of vitamins A and E.

    What can you feel?

    You may lose a bit of weight during this period. Early pregnancy toxemia is to blame: nausea, vomiting and lack of tolerability to various smells are its usual symptoms. As a result, you lose appetite and some kilos. However, if you haven’t been tortured by toxemia during the last two or three weeks, you can actually gain some weight! In any case, it won’t be much.

    You are still feeling the fatigue, some dizziness when you turn your head abruptly or change your position. Be careful so you don’t faint.

    One of the subjective signs of pregnancy that may be quite distinct during this period is enlargement and swelling of breasts. This is the way your body prepares itself for lactation. The chance of stretch marks is quite high.

    Your baby

    Your little one is already as big as a cherry: his height is 22-30 cm, and his weight is 4 g.

    Baby’s brain keeps growing and developing. It already has two hemispheres and it’s now that cerebellum area (which is in charge of motor coordination) starts developing.

    Muscles grow actively; arms and legs get a little thicker. Now your baby’s motions are better coordinated and he starts moving his tiny arms and legs a lot. His arms develop faster due to the better blood circulation.

    Fingers get longer and membranes between them disappear. The palms are being develops, the back is straighter and the little tail vanishes too.

    Sex life

    If there are no health issues that may threaten your pregnancy, you don’t need to change anything about your sex life. This being said, you should remember that while having sex during the early weeks of pregnancy is normal, it’s still not recommended. It may cause uterine bleeding due to the increased uterine tonus. Be very careful; in case you notice some dark or brownish spotting during the 9th week of pregnancy, you should avoid having sex. See your gynecologist. Whitish and yellowish discharge is considered as normal, though.

    Your diet

    You must pay special attention to what you eat. Taking into account the pregnancy toxemia, the choice of foods you can eat gets significantly smaller. Eating may become a real issue now. You can feel nauseous after about any meal you eat, but at the same time, you may feel the desire to eat a certain kind of foods.

    It’s better to eat often but in small portions. This will help you cope with nausea and provide your body with all necessary nutrients. This especially concerns the earlier part of the day because toxemia is particularly severe in the mornings. Divide your usual breakfast meal into 2 or 3 portions and eat it at several goes.

    Do you have any stories to share about this pregnancy period? Any piece of your advice is very welcome!


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