9 Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast: Easy Conception

    Getting Pregnant

    So you’ve decided you want to be a mom but getting pregnant proved to be not an easy thing to do? The following tips might help you conceive sooner.

    1. Medical examination

    Healthy couples have a bigger chance to conceive a baby than couples with health issues. That’s why it’s quite important that you see a doctor before trying to get pregnant.

    First of all, get examined. If the medical examination does confirm you have certain health issues, you, as a future mom, have to be under constant supervision of medical professionals. If you are really serious about becoming a mom, make your spouse go see a doctor too.

    Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to take some vitamins (prenatal vitamins containing folic acid will work perfectly). They will decrease the chance of the fetus’ neural tube defects.

    2. Know your cycle

    Every mom-to-be should know that ovulation. period is the best time to conceive a baby. But sometimes it’s not that easy to figure out when exactly your ovulation occurs. An ovulation test you can buy at any drugstore is the solution to this problem. If such tests are not available in the local drugstores, don’t despair. You can determine the day of ovulation. by measuring your basal body temperature. This method takes time, though, and it can’t be used once and for all. To make the results as accurate as possible, you’ll need to do measurements regularly during at least three cycles in a row.

    Make love often. It will also help if you don’t know your fertile days.

    3. There are no wrong sex positions

    There are just no right or wrong sex positions. The chance that your cervix will be situated in an unusual way while you are doing it in a certain position is quite small. The only thing you have to take into account is gravity: some positions make the sperm flow slower.

    4. There’s no point in lying with your legs up

    It’s quite a popular opinion: if you want to get pregnant. you have to raise your legs up right after you have sex and spend some time lying like that. In fact, no matter how high you lift your legs, your pelvis will remain in the same position. Still, just lying peacefully for 10-15 minutes after having sex might be a good idea. This way you’ll help the sperm get into your womb faster.

    5. Don’t go overboard

    To make your chances of conceiving higher, you don’t have to do it till you exhaust yourself and your partner every time you have ovulation. The thing is, the more often your partner ejaculates, the worse is the quality of his sperm. To make the sperm cells more viable and active, ask your man not to wear any tight clothes. Frequent visits to sweatbaths and a habit of carrying a cell phone around on your belt don’t make it easier for your partner’s sperm cells either.

    6. Try to avoid stressful situations

    No need to say, numerous unsuccessful attempts to make a baby are stressful for women and men alike. Nervous state affects ovulation in a negative way and leads to some sexual dysfunctions in men too. So, try to take it easy and enjoy.

    7. Healthy lifestyle

    It’s important to note that healthy lifestyle does not mean working out till you drop (in fact, overloading yourself with physical activity may lead to the absence of ovulation). If your workouts last for 45-50 minutes every day, you need to slow down. Half an hour of aerobics, walking and healthy diet — that’s what will help you with conceiving a baby. Get rid of bad habits (yes, this concerns your partner as well), start with smoking and drinking alcohol.

    8. Say goodbye to diets

    Eating low-cal food and, as a result, losing weight affects your fertility hormones in a very bad way. You want to get skinny and become a mother? Well, you’ll have to choose one of the options. If your choice is the latter one, don’t forget that your diet has to be well balanced and healthy. Forget about having snacks on the go. And don’t forget that significant weight loss or gain will lessen your chances to conceive. So try to normalize your weight before getting pregnant.

    9. Supply your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals

    Vitamin C: nuts, eggs, vegetable oils, buckwheat grain, fruit.
    Folic acid: fresh greens, bran, sunflower seeds, beetroot, cabbage.
    Iodine and products high in iodine (consult with your endocrinologist). Use iodized salt while cooking.
    Vitamin E: pumpkin pulp and sprouted grain. This vitamin regulates woman’s hormone balance.
    Zinc: beef, mutton, sea fish and seafood. Zinc supports your cycle regularity, which is quite important while you are trying to get pregnant. Besides, zinc helps testosterone secretion and, therefore, affects production and vitality of your partner’s sperm cells in the most positive way.
    – The properties of apple vinegar are also quite good for your fertility, for example, combined with honey. Honey and apple vinegar (two teaspoons at a time) may be added to some herbal teas or to water and taken before your usual meal.

    So relax, keep trying, just enjoy yourselves and you will surely succeed!

    Do you have any tips or stories on this topic? Share them with the rest of us in the comment section.


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