9 Fun Easter Games for Toddlers

    Easter Games

    Easter is always full of surprises and fun. Kids especially love this holiday for they get lots of gifts and play various games. We offer you some Easter games to diverse your party and let your kids spend an unforgettable time.

    Treasure Hunt on Easter Island

    The traditional process of giving gifts and sweets can be a real adventure. Hide them in your house or the garden, draw a map and pointers for the kids with a piece of chalk, and come up with some funny tasks at every stage of their quest (in each room, for example) like to tell a poem, to guess a riddle, etc. As soon as the treasure is found, the kids’ joy will be limitless.

    Egg catcher

    One of the players is a catcher. He takes a glass or a plastic cup in his hand, with which he will try to catch an egg, and sits at some distance face to the other players. The rest of the players are holding ropes with the hard-boiled eggs attached on their ends. All the eggs are placed at some distance from the catcher. He counts to three and tries to catch one of the eggs, while the other players sharply pull off their ropes. The player whose egg is caught stops participating in the game.

    Catch a hare

    Two players are the hunters, the rest ones are hares. He who catches more hares is a winner.

    Dancing with the eggs

    Players put on hats or caps with the deepenings on their tops for the eggs. As soon as a merry music starts playing, all the players are dancing around the only chair. Suddenly the music is turned off and the players need to sit down on the chair not losing their eggs. He who is the first to do this is a winner.

    Steady egg

    You need at least two players, some salt, eggs for each player, and a plain surface (a table, for example). Every player pours a little salt pile and places there his egg vertically. Now they need to slowly shovel the salt with the fingers. He whose egg manages to stand for a longer time is a winner.

    Egg bowling

    All the players put their eggs (5-7) in a raw and take turns rolling an egg so that to beat one out of the line. If a player beats the egg out he takes it, if not – puts his own one in the row. It’s not so easy, because eggs are not round, so the players need to try.

    Another variant of the game is to count the number of strokes a player beats all the eggs out of the line. The fewer attempts, the better.

    Memory game

    The rules are like of any classical memory game. Paint the eggs different colors from only one side, a pair of eggs of the same color. Put them in an artificial grass (colored paper cut). Children take turns turning the eggs and look at a color. He who remembers the place of an egg of the same color, takes both of them. The winner is the one who has more eggs at the end of the game.

    Spinning an egg

    Every player has his own egg. The players start simultaneously spinning their eggs. Whose egg spins for a longer time is a winner and takes all the opponents’ eggs.

    Rolling the eggs down a hill

    Make a high hill, put a groove on it. Children take turns rolling their eggs down. He whose egg is the fastest to roll is a winner and may take all the eggs that “got lost” in the game.

    Another variant of the game. Put small prizes along the way where the eggs roll: toys, sweets, Easter eggs. Players take turns rolling their eggs. If an egg rolling down the hill touches a prize, the owner of the egg takes it.

    If you know other Easter activities and games do you know feel free to share them with us.


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