8 Fun Friendship Building Activities for Young School Kids

    Friendship Building Activities

    Friendship building activities are the most simple and effective games to create an atmosphere of trust and positive relationship among every participant even of different age. Kids will easier meet each other and make friends.

    This tool is useful both for those who are friends for a long time and who see each other for the first time.

    The children will get:

    – an easy unobtrusive acquaintance, rapprochement of team members;
    – memory development;
    – good mood, lots of fun;
    – improvement of mutual understanding.

    Let’s get acquainted

    The children stand in a circle. One of them starts the game saying: “You quickly hurry up. Tell us your name …” while throwing the ball to one of the players. The player catches the ball, calls his name, then he throws the ball to another player, while saying again: “Tell us your name …” etc.

    A round dance of acquaintance

    All children circle while holding hands and saying:

    We’re circling, circling, circling,
    We want to meet each other
    Those whose name is …. (John) are standing,
    And we’re sitting, sitting, sitting.

    The children with the mentioned name keep on standing, while the others squat. Then the game continues.

    A sparrow

    All children stand in a circle. The leader stands inside the circle. Children are skipping on one leg circling in one direction, and the leader in the circle is skipping in the other direction while saying:

    The sparrow is jumping-ping-ping-ping,
    Is gathering all the friends-riends-riends,
    We all are different-rent-rent-rent,
    … (Maries) are going out now-now-now.

    Children, with the mentioned name stand inside the circle, take the leader by a hand and the game continues until all kids’ names are called.

    Funny tasks

    Listen, laugh, do it,
    And remember the names.

    Having said these words, the leader gives children the tasks.

    Alex takes Tina by the hands and they’re dancing.
    Jack is singing a song.
    Steve takes Nicki by the left hand and they’re jumping.
    Anns are racing to the wall,

    It’s me!

    Players stand in a circle. The leader, while standing in the center, call two names (a female and a male ones). Players with the mentioned name shout “It’s me!” and swap places. The task of the leader is to take a vacant place. The one who didn’t have time to take the place becomes the leader. If there is only one child with the mentioned name, he shouts “It’s me!” and stays in his place.


    Players stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder. The leader is walking outside of the circle and touches one of the players. Both the leader and the chosen player are running in different directions outside of the circle. Once they meet, they shake hands, say “Hello!” and they say their names. Then they run further trying to take the vacant place in the circle. The one who has remained without the place becomes the leader.

    The phone of acquaintance

    Players stand in a circle. The leader whispers any name to a player on the left. Every player learns this name one by one. Then the leader says: “1, 2, 3, …. (Jack) run out!” Players with the mentioned name are running out into the circle, and the neighbors try not to let them go. The one, who is the first to run out into the center of the circle, tells a bit about himself. The other kids with this name are performing the tasks given by the players. The game is repeated, but with other names.

    Open your heart to a friend

    Players stand in a circle. Each player receives a heart-shaped piece of paper where he writes his name. The leader is walking round the circle with a hat. Players loudly call their names and drop the hearts into the hat. Afterwards, the leader is walking around the circle for the second time. Now the players should get one of the hearts out of the hat, read aloud the name written on it, remember the player it belongs to, and give the heart to the owner.

    Guess my name

    Instead of saying his name, a player gives hints to the rest of the kids:

    – my name begins with the letter “O”;
    – my name ends with the letter “A”;
    – my name consists of six letters, etc.

    The other players need to guess the name.

    What other friendship building activities do you know? Share them below. We love hearing from you!


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