8 Active Games for Kids and Parents on the Weekend

    Active Games

    Once learned to walk and talk a bit, kids turn into tireless researchers you need to keep an eye on. The following active games will help you to channel your kid’s energy into something productive and to communicate enough with each other. You will surely get a kind of fitness, your child – the necessary physical contact and a new motor experience, and you both will boost your mood greatly!

    Even faster

    You give the commands and then perform them together.

    For example, you say:

    touch your head with a hand;
    touch a leg with the nose;
    touch a pillow with a foot.

    And so on. You can come up with the objects in different parts of the room you will have to run up to:

    touch the wardrobe with the nose;
    touch the table with an ear.

    You can start a competition: who is the fastest – touch the pillow with a cheek.

    Backless stools

    Why do you think you need backless stools? Of course, to sit on them. And still to crawl between them as well. Turn a stool upside down and ask your child to get into it and then to get out of it.

    Of course, you need to watch the child for her not to get hurt. And you better choose the stools not with a soft but with a flat wooden or a plastic seat (they do not slip along the floor then).

    Crawling through several stools can entertain your little one for 5 or even 10 minutes!

    Obstacle run

    All kids love running. Invite your husband and other members of the family to stand in a row and raise their legs. Once run up to the obstacle, your child tilts the head and walks under the feet.

    You can even create a “tunnel”. Stand your legs apart. The child runs up to you, kneels and crawls along the “tunnel”.


    Use some twine and remnants of wire (or something else) to make circles on the floor throughout the apartment. These are your houses. Play catch-up then: you chase your little one, but once she jumped into a house, you can’t catch her already. Then switch the roles.

    You can play this game outdoors by making circles on the ground.

    A slide

    Make a slide of the ironing board for example.

    Place one end of the board on the sofa, and lower the other one to the floor. Your child can’t of course slide down but she can climb up. Help the child to climb up and crawl down. She can climb straight, sideways and even backwards.


    The game is simple, especially for those children who can already confidently walk.

    Place a toy ring on the child’s head or a small pillow, a plastic jar or a cap of a doll and let her walk around the room so that the headdress stays on the head. The child will understand that she should keep her head straight and walk carefully. Take a film of the child walking such a way and enjoy a funny video with the whole family.

    Day and night

    You say: Day.
    And the child runs around the room, jumps, has fun.
    But then you say: Night.
    At this moment, the kid should lie down on the floor and pretend to be asleep.

    Don’t let the witch go

    Lay down on the sofa or on the floor opposite each other your tummies up. Both your and the kid’s feet rest against each other (you form a single line this way).

    You say: Here (a pause) mom is going.

    Mother is good, you should let her go and you both lie still (imagine that she crosses over the bridge made of your feet).

    Here … a witch is going.

    A witch is not kind, do not let her go. Therefore, you should raise your legs (the bridge breaks up and the witch “falls down into the river”)

    Bang! The witch has fallen down.

    And so on, list in turn the famous fairy-tale characters and people.

    What more ideas of indoor games with toddlers do you know?


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