7 Weeks Pregnant: Surprises and Transformations

    7 Weeks Pregnant

    Being 7 weeks pregnant means that five weeks have passed since the day of conception and three weeks since your period delay. During the 7th week of pregnancy your body alters, your endocrine profile changes and the signs of pregnancy become more distinct. Few are lucky enough not to feel any signs of pregnancy: toxemia, general fatigability, and weakness. But the simple fact is that the 7th week of pregnancy is undoubtedly the time when your body starts going through the big changes.

    Your feelings

    Like it’s mentioned earlier, in most cases pregnancy toxemia is inevitable. It’s the reason why both your eating schedule and diet get disrupted: sometimes you don’t want to eat at all and sometimes you have very unusual food preferences. Feeling drowsy and lethargic is quite usual during this time. The fault is in the hormones — well, to be more accurate, in the way their balance fluctuates. But despite all of this, your pregnancy signs are not yet visible to anyone.

    The seventh week will spring a lot of surprises on you. You might discover you like the food you never favored much before. Or you might feel hunger for new knowledge and experiences and so you’ll try to learn more about art or start traveling. Shortly speaking, this week will manifest itself at its best.

    What’s going on inside your body?

    While others can’t yet tell you’re pregnant, you can feel all the characteristic symptoms. Mood swings, nausea, loss of appetite — all of this can make you feel somewhat under the weather. However, few know that this is a period when a woman really transforms and becomes truly beautiful! There’s a special shine in your eyes now: you’ve got a secret only you know.

    Because your body starts spending a lot of minerals and vitamins to nurture your baby, it’s possible that your skin and hair deteriorate. Hormonal imbalance may cause melasma (mask of pregnancy — facial pigmentation). So healthy and proper nutrition is very important; take vitamin mineral complexes. Folic acid is of special importance now, as it’s necessary for proper formation of your baby’s nervous system.

    Your possible symptoms

    It’s commonly known that every pregnancy is individual, but still many symptoms during the 7th pregnancy week are quite common for the most of the future moms. Your breasts get bigger: even if you were not happy with their size before, now the changes are very evident. The downside to this happy transformation is some feeling of soreness. Hormonal changes cause reallocation of your body fat and your curves get a more rounded shape.

    Your vagina lining gets renewed quite often and inflow of blood to this part of your body increases, so vaginal discharge becomes yellowish and has a slight smell. It’s absolutely natural and normal. But in case you can feel regular pain in your lower abdomen area and you notice some bloody spotting, go see your gynecologist. This may be a symptom of a hypertonic uterus.

    How’s the baby doing?

    Your baby is now as big as a white bean: his height is 5-13 mm and his weight is 0,8 g.

    The 7th week of pregnancy is when an embryonic period ends and an embryo-fetal period starts. From now on, your future baby will be called a fetus. It already looks like a tiny human that has all the characteristic features and internal organs, apart from the nervous and endocrine system. The brain is taking shape actively. By the end of the week, a genital eminence appears which will later develop into genitals. The fetus straightens up a bit, and some hint at the neck can be seen. Now its limbs are quite visible, but fingers and toes are not yet separated. Arms grow a bit faster than legs.

    Your baby’s face takes shape during this period as well. Ultrasound shows a little mouth and nostrils, jaws start forming. By the end of the seventh week, your baby is like white beans: his size is about 5-13mm and he weighs 0,8g. It’s impossible to determine your baby’s gender during an ultrasound examination at this point.

    Basic tests and examinations

    All the important tests are usually done the first time you go to see your gynecologist. They measure your weight and pelvis size and you take a smear on various infections. As a rule, you don’t get examined on a gynecology chair during this week.

    Your doctor gives you an appointment card to blood and urine examination, to HIV, hepatitis and RW blood tests. Getting examined by a general practitioner and a dentist is a must. It’s not likely they will send you to do an ultrasound examination during the 7th pregnancy week unless it’s necessary to confirm or to identify a multiple pregnancy.

    What should you be aware of?

    The risk of miscarriage is still there. You may feel certain discomfort due to the pregnancy toxemia. Your baby is very vulnerable now, as there is a big chance of birth defects. To avoid this, always follow your doctor’s recommendations.

    Don’t forget that using alcohol, drugs, taking medicines and smoking are absolutely out of the question while you are pregnant: all of these factors can affect your baby’s development negatively. Avoid infections and never get engaged in self-treatment.

    What did you undergo or are undergoing through during your seventh week of pregnancy?


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