6 Reasons You Should Start Your Infant Swimming

    Infant Swimming

    Infant swimming is a powerful tool to bring up healthy children. That is a foundation you can lay from the very birth of your child and a wonderful gift you can give him.

    Many parents when asked say that infant swimming keeps kids tempered, strong, and healthy.

    And that is absolutely true, but let’s extend the concept.

    What are the benefits of infant swimming and how it affects the child’s body

    Respiratory system

    How does the baby’s respiratory system benefit from swimming? First of all the lung volume increases. When swimming a child moves a lot and, respectively, breathes actively and his lung capacity increases. That is great for infants move little, they mostly sleep a lot; lie in a stroller or in a bed, etc. and ventilation is necessary to activate and to strengthen the lower parts of the lungs, because these are infants who often get inflammation of the lower lobes of the lungs. Mucous membranes are moisturized as well. And we all know that there is a huge amount of antimicrobal substances in the mucus and therefore you should moisture the mucous membranes of your little one in every way possible. So respectively swimming children rarely get sick.

    Strong musculoskeletal

    When swimming a child is actively moving and strengthening his muscles, joints, and ligaments.

    Circulatory system

    When a baby moves her blood circulation is enhanced, and respectively, all the inner organs and tissues are oxygenated.

    Digestive system

    Swimming plays a special role here. When a child swims and exercises enough, of course he eats and sleeps well afterwards. And if he sleeps soundly it means he has a healthy and a strong nervous system.


    Also swimming or rather diving improves a baby’s cerebral blood flow. Why? When a child is under the water, he holds his breath anyway. That is he either inhales and holds his breath under the water, or inhales and exhales right under the water. Anoxaemia occurs when a child holds his breath, and when he starts actively breathing, he is oxygenating first of all the heart and the brain. Moreover, at the moment when a child is under the water, the body begins to save, i.e. inner reserves open and the body is saving the vital organs – the brain and the heart.

    Baby swimming affects the child’s future life

    First of all kids are not afraid of water. You will never worry about your child, because kids who can swim are not afraid of water, they feel comfortable in the water. And your child is safe because when diving he will surely hold his breath and save himself.

    So dear parents draw your own conclusions and teach your kids to swim from birth.

    And what about your baby? Can she swim? Share your stories and experience with us!


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