6 Incredible and Simple Magic Tricks that Amaze Your Kid

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    How can you make your child happy and entertain both him and his friends on the kid’s birthday party, for example? Of course, with magic! Any parent can master these simple magic tricks. Definitely, you should practice them ahead of time. As well as come up with some “difficult” magic spells and props: a towel on your head and a magic stick made of a pencil wrapped with a piece of foil are perfect!

    A falling glass

    The trick: the wizard sits at a table covered with a tablecloth. In front of him there’s a glass on the table. The wizard covers the glass with an aluminum foil sheet, squeezes the foil so that it looks like a case that repeats the shape of the glass. Then he moves the glass with the foil towards him to show that there are no holes in the table, and returns it back. Afterwards, he strikes the glass with a hand and oh, a miracle! – there is nothing under the wrinkled foil, and you hear the glass falling down from under the table. The glass has fallen down through the table!

    What you’ll need:

    – a tablecloth;
    – a foil sheet;
    – a plastic glass or an ordinary yoghurt container.

    What’s the secret? When moving the foil case with the glass toward yourself thus demonstrating the absence of any holes on the table, you imperceptibly drop the glass on your knees. When you return the cover back to its place, it is already empty. When striking it, at the same time let the glass fall down from your knees to the floor.

    Colored water

    The trick: the wizard takes a transparent jar, fills it with some water and covers it with a lid. Then he takes the jar and says the magic words you came up with for this moment. He shakes the jar, and the water in it turns green!

    What you’ll need:

    – a transparent jar with a twist lid;
    – some water;
    – green watercolor paint.

    What’s the secret? Ahead of time, apply a green watercolor paint to the inside of the lid. When closing the lid, make sure the audience does not see the paint. When you shake the can, the paint mixes with water and colors it!

    An apple that pretends to be an orange

    The trick: the wizard shows the audience an orange, then covers it with a bright handkerchief and pronounces the magic spells. Then he pulls off the handkerchief, and everyone sees there’s not an orange under it but … a real apple, which amazed spectators can even taste.

    What you’ll need:

    – a delicious orange;
    – a tasty apple;
    – a sharp knife.

    What’s the secret? Before the focus show, gently cut the peels off the orange. Eat the orange so that no one guesses. Then put the apple (it should be of a smaller size than the orange) into its peels. When demonstrating the “orange”, hold it firmly in your hand. When you remove the handkerchief with a quick movement, imperceptibly remove the peels with it. To avoid exposure, immediately put the handkerchief into your pocket.

    Restless seeds

    The trick: the wizard opens a soda bottle and pours it into a glass. Then he puts several rice seeds there and within a few seconds he is uttering magic spells. Restless seeds lie peacefully for a while at the bottom, and then they suddenly start to swim up and down!

    What you’ll need:

    – a chilled soda bottle;
    – a transparent glass;
    – 6 long rice seeds.

    What’s the secret? There’s carbon dioxide in the soda bottle. It is dissolved in the liquid and is under pressure. When opening the can, you release it. The gas bubbles adhere to the rice seeds and lift them up. At the surface of the liquid, they burst, and the rice seeds fall to the bottom, where a new portion of gas bubbles will lift them up. This will happen until the soda becomes “flat”. Then the seeds will just fall down to the bottom.

    Arctic cold

    The trick: the wizard pours some water into a cup, whispers a magic spell and in front of the amazed spectators makes a sharp movement with the cup as if he wants to throw out the water. But instead of the water, a piece of ice falls out of it!

    What you’ll need:

    – an opaque cup;
    – a small sponge;
    – a piece of adhesive tape;
    – some water;
    – a piece of ice.

    What’s the secret? In advance, put a sponge at the bottom of the cup. The sponge will absorb the water and prevent it from pouring out once the cup is turned over. You can fix the sponge with a piece of adhesive tape. Put a piece of ice on the sponge, which will drop out when you “splash out” the water. Do this in such a way that the audience does not see the sponge! Be sure to practice the trick ahead of time to determine the amount of water. Try to remove the mug immediately so that the spectators don’t expose you.

    A bead with teleporting abilities

    The trick: the wizard puts a bead into the glass in front of the spectators. Show it to the audience – the bead is the most common one. Then he utters the magic spells and sharply turns the glass upside down. Nothing comes out of it, the bead has disappeared! The wizard puts a hand into his pocket and takes the bead out from there – it has teleported to the pocket!

    What you’ll need:

    – a paper or a thin plastic glass;
    – 2 identical beads.

    What’s the secret? Ahead of time, cut a hole in the bottom of the glass, through which a bead can freely go through and fall into your hand. When you turn the glass upside down, the palm will be underneath the glass and the bead will already be sandwiched between your fingers. Put the second bead into your pocket.

    And what more tricks do you know to entertain your child?


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