5 Wrong Ways to Get Skinny After Pregnancy

    Get Skinny

    As a rule, young moms have two most passionate desires: to get some nice long sweet sleep and to get skinny after pregnancy. But while the former is quite easy to accomplish within a day, the latter is way too hard to do. No matter how you try, you won’t be able to lose as much weight as you want and get rid of your belly fat. That’s when women pull out the big guns and start using dubious methods to make the process go faster. Read on to find out what comes of this and why you shouldn’t use any of these ways no matter how desperate you are.

    Going on a diet

    When you suddenly start eating a good deal less than usual, your body reaction is quite paradoxical. Instead of burning your body fat and using it as an energy source, it starts stocking it up for a rainy day. What if it gets worse? What if food just stops incoming? So when your diet is over, the pounds you lost come back to stay very quickly, and with some extra pounds to boot. These extra pounds are your body’s backup plan for times when you decide to starve yourself again.

    In fact, the best way to get skinny after pregnancy is a balanced diet when you take food more often but in small amounts. So the advice we can give you is very simple: if you want to get your slim body back, don’t starve yourself — eat. Eat often: 4 to 6 times a day, but in small portions. By the way, if you want to get rid of cellulite and get slim shapes back, stop eating all kinds of sweets, bread and all flour products. Increase the amount of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, and you will be able to brag about your elastic butt without a hint of cellulite. Oh, and don’t forget to tell everyone that that’s your way of losing weight. Let them wonder.

    Doing thermal body wraps

    Spreading some queer substance all over your body, wrapping yourself with a piece of plastic film and patiently waiting for the hated extra pounds to melt right away is not the best way to get slim after pregnancy. For all the good it does, you can try to sit on your sofa and just wait for your extra weight to vanish like the snow in springtime. Nope, it won’t, don’t even count on that.

    Your subcutaneous fat burns only with the help of one special enzyme called lipase, and only under specific conditions. There is no lipase in your plastic wraps or that weird stuff you put on your skin whatsoever. The most of what you can count on doing the body wraps is:

    — cosmetic effect of softened skin if you use cream;
    — losing your body water supply due to the thermal effect.

    During thermal body wrap sessions your subcutaneous fat doesn’t go anywhere, and the moisture you’ve lost will come back right after you drink some water.

    Wearing anti-cellulite shorts and pants while exercising

    This way is very similar to the previous one. You may lose a couple of inches in your waist and maybe a couple of pounds too, but these pounds and inches have nothing in common with fat burning. It’s just water that left your body with sweat. So stop torturing yourself and wearing those ridiculous rubber pants — they make you swelter! Better think of appropriate course of exercises and diet.

    Using fat burning creams

    The enzymes responsible for burning fat are produced by your body; any external influences have little to no effect over the fat burning process. But even if slimming creams had lipase as one of their ingredients, it would have no chance to get under your skin and into your fatty layer. Trying to make it get inside your body would be like trying to shove a brick through a keyhole. Don’t try it — you’ll fail.

    Rolling a hula hoop for a thin waist and flat belly

    Some girls tend to think that if hula hoop is big and heavy, it would have a bigger effect on the process of fat burning. They go and buy those hideous massage hoops with bumps on the inside that weigh more than ten pounds and start rolling them stubbornly. But guess what: no miracle happens! Their waists are not getting any thinner, nor do their bellies get flatter. They get bruises of all shapes and sizes, though.

    Why is this happening? Well because your body fat starts burning when your heart rate reaches 120 bpm. And what’s more, your exercise routine should last for no less than 40 minutes. Only under these conditions your body will start burning the subcutaneous fat. In theory, you can roll your hoop about 40-50 minutes with your heart rate 120-150 bpm.

    To organize an exercise session with the above-mentioned conditions you can use other methods (which are much more humane, by the way). As for all the bruises you’ll have after using the hula hoop — they don’t help you lose weight at all, and what’s worse, they may hurt your internal organs. Besides, it’s not good for your spine either.

    So stop fiddling around and start your fitness training.

    Have you heard of any other not-so-right ways to lose weight after pregnancy? Share your stories with us and other young moms. We’ll appreciate it!


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