5 Weeks Pregnant: Watch Your Pregnancy Symptoms

    5 Weeks Pregnant

    So you are 5 weeks pregnant according to obstetric estimation, it is the third week since the moment of conception. It’s the time when your body transforms gradually, the fetus is growing and you should be extremely cautious and pay special attention to your health. Why? Because it’s now that your baby’s internal organs and systems start forming.

    5 weeks pregnant: feelings

    Even if a mom-to-be doesn’t realize she is pregnant, she will be soon notified about this by the first pregnancy signs. The fifth week of pregnancy is when most of the women actually find out they are expecting a baby.

    Naturally, the very first and the most important sign is the period delay. But apart from it, there can be a number of minor ailments, sensations of discomfort and changes of general state connected with the hormonal changes in your body.

    There are no external transformations that can be noticed at this point. But by looking at your body closely, you’ll be able to notice that areolas around your nipples start getting darker and that your favorite bra feels smaller. Sometimes (quite rarely, in fact) you can notice a darker vertical line between your navel and your pubic area.

    These signs are usually more pronounced during later weeks of pregnancy, but they can manifest during this period as well.

    At this stage, your pregnancy test will not always show the long-awaited two stripes because your pregnancy hormone level is still too low. But there are already lots of other symptoms you may notice:

    — nausea, especially in the morning;
    — enlarged and more sensitive breasts;
    — some experience the feeling of soreness in the lower belly area;
    — sometimes you may notice you are more sensitive to different scents;
    — drowsiness, apathy, undue tiredness etc.

    Don’t forget that every pregnancy is unique, just as any woman’s body. You may not either feel anything out of normal at all, or sense any changes happening inside you. And that’s quite natural too, taking into account that you are still on the early stages of your pregnancy. The absence of any signs of pregnancy during the fifth week is absolutely normal and cannot be considered as pathology.

    You can experience a whole palette of feelings, though. Emotional outbursts, all kinds of heightened sensitivity and vulnerability, or maybe even some special inspiration and desire to move heaven and earth. Most likely, these emotions will come in turns, rapidly replacing each other. You may be full of energy and feel weepy and helpless at one point or another. You may feel dizziness during sudden and quick movements or when you change your position. Sometimes you may experience painful sensations in your belly. Even some spotting is possible, but if it’s scanty and not painful, it’s natural and totally normal.

    Fetus development

    Your baby is as big as a sesame seed – his height is about 1,5mm and his weight is about 1g.

    The fetus is still very small. But doctors will already be able to detect its existence during the ultrasound test. In most of the cases, your gynecologist will only identify an ovum in the uterine cavity.

    The future baby’s rudiments of internal organs keep on being developed. Respiratory ways start forming at this stage, as well as your baby’s nervous system – so far it’s just a neural tube with a rudiment of the brain on its top. The fetus’ body cells keep dividing actively. It’s now that blood circulatory system and heart start forming as well. It’s hard to imagine, but this tiny creature’s heart will start beating very soon. The length of the fetus during the fifth week of pregnancy is only 2 mm.

    The risk of miscarriage is still high during this period, so you should avoid any active pastime, workouts or heavy workloads during the next nine months.

    Sex life

    If there are no issues and your pregnancy is developing normally, there are no contraindications to having intimacy. But any unusual spotting, pain or soreness in your lower abdomen should be a reason to avoid sex, and you should see your doctor – the chance of miscarriage is quite big during this time.

    Your breasts will become much more sensitive and sometimes touching them (especially nipples) will cause unpleasant or even painful sensations. To avoid any awkward situations, tell your partner about the changes that take place inside your body.

    Pregnancy whims

    During the fifth week of pregnancy, you will have to deal with the so-called “pregnancy whims”. These include selective appetite, sudden dislike for some foods or some unusual dietary preferences.

    As a rule, some future moms start preferring salty food or pickles. Many women feel the need to eat some chocolate. The special partiality to sweets is connected with undue tiredness: a chocolate bar will supply your body with fast carbs that help to regain your energy balance.

    Dear moms, tell us what special sensations and taste preferences you had (or are having) during this pregnancy period! We love hearing from you!


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