5 Tear-Free Toddler Sleep Training Tricks: How to Quit Bed-Sharing

    Toddler Sleep Training

    Sometimes, toddler sleep training can seem impossible to realize. For nowadays, many parents practice co-sleeping with their baby that is especially important during breastfeeding. The child feels calm and secured when he feels his mother’s warmth and heart beating. However, we all understand that sooner or later the child will have to move to his own crib or even to a separate room. This means he will be deprived of this comfort and coziness. Don’t seek to quit co-sleeping somewhat quicker when the child is sick or stressed (during the period when he adapts to kindergarten or when you move to another place of living). Use the following guidelines to make this process easier both for you and your little one.

    Kid’s sleeping place

    If you decided that the time has come to quit bed-sharing, be sure that the kid’s crib is comfortable. First, place the crib not far from your bed. The best option is to remove a railing and put the crib close the parent bed. Thus, the kid will not feel alienated: his mother is near though in another bed. Once the child accustoms to a new sleeping place, you can attach the railing back and place the crib a bit further from your bed, and eventually, to its permanent place.

    Little tricks

    If you used the crib as a playpen or a warehouse for the toys until that time, temporarily remove it so that child can’t see the crib. After a while, put it back covered with new colorful linen. Let the crib be attractive and interesting for the child. You can also prepare the child ahead of time to its appearance: tell him that older children sleep in their own cribs, or time its appearance for the kid’s birthday or other significant event.

    A bedtime toy

    Let the child choose a toy or a stuffed animal he’d like to sleep with. Explain that the toy is watching him while he sleeps.When moving to his crib with an old friend, the child will not be so lonely. Also, you can tell the child a story that the crib is the toy’s house, and he can stay there throughout the night.

    If the child comes to you

    Be aware of the fact that the child will still come to sleep in your bed when he becomes bored or feels alone. You can let him lie down, but it’s not advisable that he sleeps with you throughout the night. Offer your child to go together to his crib; sit beside him for a few minutes or wait until the child falls asleep.

    Follow the day schedule

    Of course, you still should stick to the kid’s daily routine and follow the rule of rest before going to bed so that the child quickly falls asleep.

    Do not try to accustom the child to his crib in a short time; perhaps this process will take weeks or even months. Remember that your kid is individual, and the tricks that work for other kids may not work for your one. In this case, you will have to be patient and find the right approach.

    Do you have more tips and tricks how to stop co-sleeping? Share your experience with other parents!


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