5 Fun Outdoor Water Activities

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    If you want to play with water, the best time to do it is summertime when it’s hot and sunny outside, and you are not afraid to get wet. These wacky water activities will let both you and your kids get lots of laughs and positive emotions. Play them as a family or invite your child’s friends and organize a water party.

    Bring it down with water

    Draw a circle or square on the ground, and place some balls into it. Give your child a hose with water and ask him to push the balls out of the circle with the water flow.

    You can also tie some objects with the pieces of a string to tree branches and aim at them with the water.

    Water balloons

    We got used to inflate balloons with air, but what if we fill them with water? You can draw some funny faces on such water balloons. Throw water balloons at each other, knead them in your hands, bury them in sand, and merrily laugh if they burst and pour the water on you.

    A water gun

    Take some water guns or other sprinklers and start firing water.

    The task is to hit “the enemy” and leave a watermark on his clothes. You can practice accuracy by hitting a target painted on a wall or fence.

    Drawing with water

    To play this game, you’ll need some bottles with water and a hole in the cork or squirt guns. If you wish, color the water with paints of different colors ahead of time.

    Now both you and the kids are the artists-wizards. Draw pictures on asphalt with the colored water. Come up with the picture you’ll draw, and then choose the most beautiful drawing.

    Sea fight

    Prepare a swimming pool with clean warm water, ships of two colors according to the number of players, chestnuts or cones.

    Make the origami paper ship with colored paper, divide into two teams. Each team chooses the ships of a certain color. Put the ships into the water and decide what team will be the first to start the game. Then take the “guns” (cones or chestnuts) and start the sea fight. With the help of the cones or the chestnuts, try to sink the opponent’s ships. Then the second team is “shooting”. The winner is the team that sank the greatest number of the enemy ships.

    What more backyard water activities do you know?


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