34 Role Playing Games with Cars for Toddlers

    Role Playing Games

    What child doesn’t like to play role playing games? The following ideas will not only entertain your little one but will greatly encourage development of his communication and speaking skills, attention, creative thinking, memory, counting and reading skills, coordination. And role plays develop imagination and drama.

    Learning to communicate playing role playing games

    Taking toys home (from 1 year of age)

    Take a few toys home in a car. For example, a knight to the castle (sofa), a dog to the kennel (box), a bird onto the tree (on the shelf), etc. You can draw “home” on a piece of paper: a lake for a fish, a chicken coop for a cock, etc.

    Car repair workshop (from 2 years of age)

    All cars are sometimes broken. Play with the child an auto mechanic and a car driver in turn. Let the “driver” say what is broken in the car and under what circumstances, and let the auto mechanic carefully examine and repair it successfully! And perhaps the car isn’t broken, it’s just necessary to install an alarm car security system so that a “bad wolf” can’t steal it?

    Car wash (from 1 year of age)

    Playing with water is very beneficial for your little one. So give your baby a basin, a sponge, an apron, and let him accept orders for washing the “dirty” cars.

    Car family (from 1,5 years of age)

    Play a car family – Mom-car, Dad-car, Son-car. Play different situations that might happen to them. And the baby car may not want to eat, go for a walk or brush his teeth. And if he gets hurt help him paying attention to the fact how brave he is and doesn’t cry.

    Naughty little car (from 2 years of age)

    Play a little naughty car who wants to behave the opposite way it is told breaking traffic rules, playing a ball on the roadway or riding on the roof of a bus. Gently explain the naughty one why it is dangerous to act like this.

    Developing motor coordination

    Riding down a hill

    Build a hill. This may be an ordinary ironing board leaning against the sofa. Now, take the cars and still holding them in a hand roll them down the inclined surface. Let your little one see what happens if to let the cars go.

    Riding up a hill (from 1,5 years of age)

    Build a hill like in the previous game. And now the cars will have to go up from the floor to the sofa. Roll up the hill a few cars and “park” them on the sofa.

    Playing bowling (from 1 year of age)

    To play this game you can use a toy bowling or ordinary plastic bottles. Put the “skittles” and let the toy cars run trying to knock down as many skittles as possible at a time.

    Toy taxi (from a 1,5 years of age)

    The toys call a taxi and ask it to take them to a specific destination. Bunny, for example, could ask the taxi to take him into the kitchen to take a carrot.

    Going around obstacles (from 1,5 years of age)

    Prepare a line of obstacles for your car of cubes, for example. Roll the car around the obstacles.

    Learning to sort

    Quickly and slowly (from 1,5 years of age)

    Show your child how to start a car, so it runs quickly or slowly and ask the child to do the same. When playing this game, your child is not only visually learning the concept of “fast and slow”, but also is developing his coordination.

    Racing around the room (from 1,5 years of age)

    Organize a racing contest and see who will be the first to reach the other end of the room.

    Sorting boxes (from 1 year of age)

    Take large and small boxes and sort all the cars. This way you will clean up the room and put the toys to their places.

    Sorting by type (from 2 years of age)

    That’s another way to clean up the place where the child plays and to let him develop, for example, by sorting different cars and trucks. Put the vehicles to their places saying what every car is used for.

    Choosing a garage (from 1,5 years of age)

    If you have several cars of different sizes and a few boxes, chose a garage of an appropriate size for each car. This game will teach the kid to compare different sizes.

    Colored car parks (from 1,5 years of age)

    Take several sheets of colored paper and ask your child to park each car on a sheet of the same color. You can take a policeman and he would say in case of mistake: Please, drive to another car park!

    Learning to speak and read

    Deliverying food (from 2 years of age)

    Make cards with the names of food stuff. Put the cards into a car and deliver them to the toys commenting you actions and showing the words to your child: We are delivering raspberry to Teddy Bear, an apple to the horse, etc.

    Building sentences of words (from 2 years of age)

    Prepare cards with the words to make a phrase, for example a car and runs. Put every card into a separate car and roll them one after another.

    Learning shapes and to count

    Hiding cars under boxes (from 1 year of age)

    Take a box or other not transparent container, and try to hide several cars under it. Then pick up the box and exclaim: Wow! Three cars fit there! You can remove the cars one by one counting them and then add the cars one by one. Count up to 3 with a one year old kid.

    Counting products (from 1,5 years of age)

    Cut out some apples or cucumbers of colored paper. And now let the toys make the order. For example, the horse can ask: John, bring me two apples please! And the child (of course with your help) puts the right amount of apples into a car and delivers them to the customer.

    Building a pyramid (from 2 years of age)

    Spread the rings of a pyramid around the room and ask your child to bring them to you one by one by car. And you count the brought rings.

    Drawing a car park (from 1,5 years of age)

    Take a sheet of paper and draw a car park on it. Say: Look, we’ve painted a square car park. Now we are placing the cars into the corners! Count the corners and say that the car park has four corners and you are putting cars into each one. You can make a round and an oval car park.

    Choosing a cargo (from 2 years of age)

    Take a toy truck and ask your child to put the cargoes of the same shape into it. For example, rings of a pyramid or wheels for a circle. You can cut various shapes out of cardboard beforehand.

    Developing creativity and art skills

    Drawing a map (from 1,5 years of age)

    Draw a map on a sheet of paper – road, traffic signs, garages, etc. It will be interesting for your child to roll the cars along this map. The cars can go to a shop or a gas station, or to each other’s place.

    Autodrome (from 1,5 years of age)

    Cut out a winding racetrack of cardboard, stick flags, bumpers, and road surface marking of colored paper on it. And let your child to roll the cars along this autodrome. He will surely be delighted with this idea.

    Playing with Dad: track on the Dad’s T-shirt (from 2 years of age)

    On a white cotton T-shirt draw a map with roads, school, father’s place of work, grandmother’s house, cinema, etc. Even if Dad is terribly tired after work, he will still be able to play with the child, he just needs to put on this magic T-shirt and lie down on the floor. It’s both a game and contact with Dad for your child, and for the Dad it’s a great massage at the end of the day.

    Developing attention and memory

    Playing hide-and-seek (from 1,5 years of age)

    Hide a few cars in the room so that they could be seen a bit. And ask the child to find all of them.

    Disappearing cars (from 2 years of age)

    Take a few cars and ask the child to remember them. The child closes his eyes, and you take one car away or replace one car with a new one. Your little one needs to tell you what has changed.

    Toys riding in cars (from 3 years of age)

    Take a few cars and the same number of toys. Say that Bunny is riding in a red truck, for example, Teddy Bear is riding in a black Porsche, Elephant is riding in the fire engine, etc. And the child should place the toys into the cars according to your story.

    Cars from the book (from 3 years of age)

    Take a book with the pictures of different vehicles. And now see whether there are the cars in your collection similar to those depicted in the book.

    What does a car consist of? (from 3 years of age)

    Take a vehicle – a car, a truck, a fire engine, an ambulance. Your child should name all the parts of the car.

    Walking and developing

    Searching for a car in the street (from 2 years of age)

    While walking with your child, look for the cars of the same color. You can also search for the cars of the same brand or type (passenger / cargo). And older kids will easily understand the difference between sedan, hatchback, and crossover cars.

    Who’s going there? (from 3 years of age)

    Fantasize with the kid about the driver’s name of the red Mazda over there, where he is going and what mood he is in.

    Street racing (from 2 years of age)

    If the child isn’t going in the right direction ask him what brand of the car he has, choose another one for you and run into the right direction. And remember to turn the steering wheel.

    Riding along a drawn road (from 1 year of age)

    Every time you go for a walk take crayons and a child’s favorite car. The child will like to draw a road with chalks, and then to roll the car along it. If your kid is too young you can draw the road on your own or draw it together with the child hand in hand.

    What more ideas of games with the cars do you know? Your stories and experience are always welcome!


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