22 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby, Changes in Body, Emotions, Feelings

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    Congratulations, you are 22 weeks pregnant! Now your little one’s body is getting more and more developed. There’s a strong bonding between the baby and you, including an emotional one. She experiences all your worries and emotions. Perhaps you feel it hard to stand and to sit for a long time, to do something monotonous. The way a mom-to-be cares of her body influences the further course of pregnancy and the baby’s well-being.

    What is going on?

    Discipline is the main quality of a good expecting woman. You should sleep only on the left side, sit comfortably by resting on the back of a chair or a sofa, don’t sit cross-legged. Remember that all your actions are now working for the welfare of two people – both you and the baby.

    Do not waste your time: when in the third trimester, you will unlikely be able to do the things you can do now. Walk more, visit museums and exhibitions, walk in nature. While you have an opportunity to “soar”, do that! After all, you will keep on gaining weight, the tummy will be growing bigger, and both the back and legs will only be getting heavier. At this period of time, many expecting women should start wearing a bandage, which will ease the burden on the back. Before you buy a bandage, be sure to consult the doctor. If necessary, begin to do gymnastics at home or visit gymnastics classes for pregnant women – that’s an excellent opportunity to tone up and not to let an excessive weight “attack” your body.

    Your baby

    Your baby is as big as a zucchini: her height is 19 cm, her weight is 350 g.

    Now she is doing up to two hundred movements a day. But if you feel the baby kicking too often, probably, she lacks oxygen. Perhaps, you do not walk enough. Tell your doctor about such your little one’s behavior, he will find the reason why she is so much active.

    The 22nd week of pregnancy is the period when the baby is getting to know herself by touch. She can stroke her face, make grabbing movements with the hands, knock on the wall of the uterus. And she just loves to suck her finger. Movements of the baby in week 22 are more active. Now you can easily tell whether she is sleeping or awake.

    The child is already a little person, she is able to distinguish light from darkness, changes of your mood as well as a melodious music. Be sure to “listen” to the baby’s kicks and movements: she can tell you when you are sitting or lying a wrong way, or talking very loudly.

    Your emotions

    Don’t worry if at this time you are beginning to notice your gait changed, that you’ve become unwieldy, a bit clumsy. At this moment, of course, the support of your close people is very important. Pamper yourself with new clothing, try different hair styles, and relax more. Perhaps, that’s the most beautiful and tender period of time in your life, you should enjoy it as much as possible.

    Your nutrition law: eat more often, prefer lean food

    That’s great if you start keeping your pregnancy diary. The time has come when you can promptly gain superfluous kilograms. If you eat everything you want, you are at risk of overweight. And this affects both the course of pregnancy, the childbirth, and your body shape. And though, most likely, you take vitamin complexes, try to get useful elements from food. Instead of fatty pork, pamper yourself with veal. Instead of salads with mayonnaise, prefer light vegetable ones with some olive oil. Be sure to eat nuts, dried fruits, cottage cheese, stewed vegetables more often.


    And at this time you can have the second ultrasound. The doctor will learn how the baby feels, will assess the condition of the umbilical cord and placenta. An ultrasound can show the possible fetus’ developmental defects as well, it can determine polyhydramnios or hypochlorism (if any). This study will let you see the size of the baby. The other most common studies this week are a general blood test and urine test.

    Your feelings

    You still have not gained much weight, the gait also allows you to feel a certain ease. Therefore, you won’t get disappointed when in front of a mirror (although many moms-to-be expect this). An ordinary self-care will let you feel confident and emphasize your natural attractiveness at this time. During this period, you can experience some problems with the gums: if they are bleeding heavily, it’s time to change the toothpaste and undergo a safe dental treatment.

    Tell us about your 22nd week of pregnancy, your feelings and fetal development.


    1. Being pregnant is a special as well as a difficult time. For a husband, it is really important to take care of her body and her moods too. they are ever changing. This article is very helpful, thank you

      • I totally agree with you, Pulkit. When I was pregnant I spent the most wonderful time in my life, and these expectations of the little one to come and finally you see him or her are just goegeous! Thank you for the feedback!


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